Apocalypse rebirth + Arranged Marriage


Another mass of releases of Apocalypse Rebirth. With this, I’m officially stopping translating this teaser to focus on the main project instead.

Feel free to adopt AR: CDM if anyone want to translate it. For me, I know I won’t ever finish translating AR: CDM because the later part of the story is too much drama for nothing and I basically skip most of it to read the ending. I’m still keeping my eyes open for a better apocalypse novel with a strong female lead. If I find it, I will translate it as a side project.

Apocalypse Rebirth
Chapter 49
Chapter 50
Chapter 51
Chapter 52
Chapter 53
Chapter 54
Chapter 55

Arranged Marriage
Chapter 1

Arranged Marriage: The Unloved Princess Solves Cases (AM: TPSC)


This is a teaser for the main project. I decide to translate this novel because it is short, only 164 chapters. It’s not my most favorite amongst the list of potential TL projects since I find it a bit silly, but it can be completed in two years or so.

I’ll be working on finishing the teaser of Apocalypse Rebirth in March, so Arranged Marriage will be released after.

Enjoy the prologue in the meantime.

Project page

NE chapter 7


I’ve been stockpiling some chapters of AR: CDM for a mass releases end of march. After that, I will put aside AR:CDM and focus on the main translation project.

In the meantime, enjoy this chapter of Night Emperor (a.k.a. The Dark Lord). While working on the main project, I will once in a while release a chapter of NE since I like the writing and pace of the novel despite being slow down by the terminology. My objective is to finish the first book this year.

Chapter 7

AR: CDM c.41 + about main translation project

Hey everyone,

Long time no update. I’ve been very busy, so translations became my last priority. Now, that I have a bit of time, here is another chapter of Apocalypse Rebirth.

Chapter 41

Before you’re off enjoying the chapter, I have to mention the main translation project I plan to choose. As you might have noticed, AR: CDM is just a teaser because I don’t plan on translating the parts after Bai Ling reunites with her whole family minus Little Meatball’s father. Too much drama for nothing.

Besides, I realize I prefer short novel or at least one that could be finished in a year or two without pressure. So, no 1000+ chapters even if it’s short chapters.

I have a couple of novels in mind. Although most of them are my usual favorite genre – murder and mysteries in ancient times. Anyway, let me give you an idea. You can always give me some suggestion(s) or agree with the list below.

Potential Main Translations Project (in no specific order)

  • Arranged Marriage: The Princess Solves Cases (164 chapters)
  • The Exceptional Sovereign: Dyeing The Three Thousands Realms In Blood (123 chapters)
  • Hushed Whispers/Whispers (50 chapters) [Yes, I will revise the old chapters I did years ago if I pick this novel]
  • The Judge of the Great Ming Empire (427 chapters)
  • The Road to be a Successful Coroner (68 chapters) [warning: BL] I haven’t finished reading it, but so far nothing too unholy. XD If it does happen to be, this will only be posted on my NSFW translations blog.
  • The Golden Age of Strategists (369 chapters)
  • The 78 Deaths File (238 chapters)

I haven’t read all of them yet, so I won’t decide right away. I will probably take a decision in March.



Sorry for the long hiatus on wordpress. ^^;; Life suddenly made me unable to focus on other translations apart from Bone Painting Coroner and Sundering Nature. Although, I’m mostly just focusing on Bone Painting Coroner now.

So, I translate this chapter because I need a bit of a change from BPC.

I read this novel to the end and skimped through the latter part. Unfortunately, it’s one of those novels that starts great and turns completely different at some point(After reaching the city where the little sister’s husband is.) and ends well but it still leaves a weird after taste. You can divide this novel into 3 distinct parts: MC is great and is embarking on the road to the peak of life; Bad luck and everything went to hell; finally, let’s talk about romance. Personally, it felt like the story turns into some kind of k-drama at some point. The soap opera was so heavy that it made me cringe.

I’ll translate a few more chapters to tease and then, stop like it was planned.

Chapter 7