AR: CDM Chapter 51


Chapter 51 – Wen Ruyu


“What is going on?” Bai Xiaoxi asked after the sounds of engines and shooting were far away.

“A vendetta probably.” She narrowed her eyes and speculated they weren’t ordinary civilians. They might the budding new power shaping the end of the world.

“They still have the leisure to carry out a vendetta?” At a critical like that, who had the time to care about this? Everyone should have their hands busy taking care of the monsters roaming around instead of in-fighting.

Bai Ling didn’t respond. Sometimes, people’s greed and ambitions surpassed the fear of zombies. Some people might find this situation an opportunity to take care of an opponent too well defended at normal times. If they miss this time, they would lose a golden opportunity they would never come again.

Hahaha! That’s humans for you! Be it the last life or this life, Bai Ling didn’t plan to get involved in their fight for supremacy. She only wished to protect her loved ones. Since this interlude didn’t concern them longer, she laid back on her makeshift bed and rest.

Bai Xiaoxi calmed down when he saw her composure and didn’t disturb her rest.

However, the calm night was punctuated by the staggering footsteps of zombies and their roars. When their sinister presence no longer disturbed the surroundings, the sounds of shooting echoed through the streets once again. However, this time, it seemed to be approaching the hideout of Bai Ling and Bai Xiaoxi. It was without a doubt; the zombies were stirred up again by the commotion.

Bai Ling scowled. She flipped over, annoyed. She must have a good rest tonight because another three days of non-stop drive was waiting for her. “Stay here. I will go out and take a look. I’ll call or text you if there is anything!”

“Wait, I-” He wanted to say something, but Bai Ling had deftly unlocked the front door and slipped out. To lower her presence, she had crouched and shuttled through the city ruins. Her figure melted into the shadow of the night. Despite the slightly better reaction and strength from the mutation, zombies were still too stiffs and had some delay reactions which were enough to allow her to react in case of being attacked.


A bloody and purple-faced zombie jumped out of the darkness and pounced on the store door. The thick glass door shook causing Bai Xiaoxi to fall back clumsily in shock. He looked at the city outside, dimly lit by the moonlight, a hand supporting his forehead as he wondered. “I hope nothing happens to her.”

The zombies continued to gather in front of the supermarket, pounding on the glass which stopped them from reaching their food, but he didn’t pay attention to it as all his attention was concentrated on the screen of his cellphone, waiting for Bai Ling’s news.

After a sigh, he got up and unsheathed his sword. As much as he wanted to avoid the zombies, he had no choice but to clean up the front door before they destroyed their temporary abode.


After she passed through two streets, she could finally pinpoint the location of the battle.

She looked at a three-floor building which was encircled by a horde of zombies, and on the rooftop, there appeared to be people.

This place had many survivors, but the fight had attracted so many zombies that no one dares to go.

She squinted her eyes. It wasn’t in her plan to go up there. The first reason, this place was two streets away from her hideout, and second, this wasn’t her business. She was about to retreat when a burst of a maniacal laugh caught her attention.

“Wen Ruyu, I have heard of your intelligence and how many people were checkmated by your wits. But, this ends tonight. Rejoice, you have the honor to die in my hand!”

Wen Ruyu?

The name brought a familiarity to her. She seemed to have heard of it during the apocalypse.

Nearby, someone set up a tent on top of a scrapped truck. The height was enough to reach the second floor of the building. From there, one could reach the rooftop.

The choir of roars was neverending. They were more excited than ever and more joined their ranks as time passed. They tried to reach for humans on the top and clawed at the empty air, unable to comprehend the concept of distance. Such bloodlust could only mean one thing – someone was injured.


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