AR: CDM Chapter 50


Chapter 50 – Mister’s Decision


Then, Bai Shan got an idea. Even if her mother-in-law came, she would not follow her to the safety zone but stayed home instead. She had more trust in Bai Ling than her mother-in-mother. As soon she decided, she took her phone and typed her message. Unfortunately, the phone shut down at that time. It has run out of power.

The unexpected situation sent her into a panic. There were so many things she wanted to tell Bai Ling, but now she could not! She was in a fearful stupor for a long moment before bursting into a sob while hugging her child.


Far from there, on a highway, the deadly race had yet ended. The cars had now entered the city zone. Suddenly, the bearded chauffeur heard an explosion which shocked him.

“That’s the sound of a grenade!”

In the backseats, the angel-like man had closed his eyes. He remained silent.


Another bullet ricochetted on the car.

“Damn them!” The chauffeur gritted his teeth. A fierce light flashed in his eyes. It was getting dark which would be unfavorable for them. “We are about to enter the city. Think of a way to attract them.”

There was still four cars sticking at their tail, a total of 16 people at most. Whereas, they only have five people. Scrapped that! One just died and had turned into a zombie. A good kick sent their ex-comrade out of the car. Four left in their team. As for combat strength, they could not count on their employer, the man’s martial arts could be ranked at the bottom of any class.

It appeared their assassins came prepared this time. Shit! Their stronghold was passed two more cities.

“Mister, when we enter the city, I’ll act as bait and distract them. Xiao Liu will cover you while you escape!”

Finally, his eyes, sparkling like a starry sky, opened. There was a gentleness which could warm any frozen heart.

“Since it is decided, let’s meet again in Miancheng!” He believed that his chauffeur would get through this ordeal.

The bearded chauffeur was surprised. “Mister, isn’t Miangcheng where our stronghold is? You have to go through two cities before reaching it! What if Xiao Liu-”

“I’ll be fine!” Despite his indifferent tone, there was a firmness in it no one could question.

The chauffeur no longer questioned him, trusting in his employer like always.


Meanwhile, inside the department store, a group of people was eating and drinking their fill while cursing at Bai Ling and Bai Xiaoxi for destroying the stairs. On the other side, in a supermarket, a flashlight kept at bay the darkness.

Bai Ling had watched the wave of zombies which was encircling a supermarket shifting their attention toward the department store, leaving a scarce number for them to handle.

“Big Sis, you have to rest well tonight. I’ll keep watch!” Although Bai Xiaoxi didn’t sleep much, he didn’t drive a car three days straight without a rest. His state was much better than Bai Ling.

Bai Ling refused his good intention. She laid on a pile of supplies she gathered through the supermarket and took a nap.

However, she didn’t rest even half an hour when she heard the sounds of cars speeding and shooting. Her eyes opened immediately, and she jumped up on her feet. In an instant, her mind was working on a full-throttle. She went to Bai Xiaoxi and turned off the flashlight, plunging the place in darkness.

“Big Sis!” Bai Xiaoxi felt the tension in the air. He hid behind the counter with Bai Ling since the front of the supermarket was made of huge glass windows.

Soon, they heard the sounds of car engines and shooting approaching amidst the choir of undeads’ roars. Then, the dull sounds of bodies being hit by cars echoed.

Suddenly, the light of a car could be seen followed by the screeching of tires gliding on asphalt. Thirty seconds later, the lights of four other cars briefly illuminated the supermarket. The sound of shooting continued long after the cars passed by.


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  1. bloodcress says:

    I wonder if the FL and ML will meet? 🤔


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