AR: CDM Chapter 49


Chapter 49 – The Belligerent Mother-in-law


“That Old Tang is a smart man.” Bai Ling could read the thoughts laid bare on Bai Xiaoxi’s face. From his eyes, she could see he seemed to no longer care about her reasons, but she still said it. “If he can survive, he will owe us a favor. If there is a need later, I will make him pay us back.”

From Old Tang’s appearance and his name, Bai Ling’s memory was jolted. She seemed to have heard that name during the apocalypse era. At this point in time, his name was still obscure, but later on, his fame would spread far and wide. He was rumored to be an intelligent man full of wisdom. How could a man that could build a business empire in the apocalypse be simple?

He blinked after hearing her explanations, staring at her with round eyes. He repressed his smile. So, she went all out to save an intelligent to open more roads in the future. He felt that with her strength she might not need his help.

If he knew that some humans will become meta-humans in the future, he would not have thought like that.

As the sky darkened, Bai Ling took out a flashlight since there was no more electricity to light the streets. It also made her worry about her grandma and uncle. How long can their cellphones’ batteries last?

In her previous life, on the fourth days without electricity, she lost contact with her family. She had to admit that she was too green in her previous life. In the first days of the apocalypse, she overused her cellphone and didn’t think about charging it until the electricity was cut. At that time, she was left with not much battery charge, making her cellphone obsolete in a matter of a few days.

As a matter of fact, most people couldn’t imagine a widespread blackout. Everyone’s life was very dependant on electricity-based technology. So, losing that energy had cut their communication with the world, leaving them stranded in their own despair.

In this life, she had instructed her grandma and Bai Shan as early as yesterday to charged all the electronics but most importantly, the cellphones and flashlight. She didn’t want to lose contact with them again.

Since Bai Ling was coming to them, she needed to know their whereabouts to avoid unexpected accidents like the ones in her last life. Although she knew that her grandma and uncle won’t leave the village until her arrival, she couldn’t be sure when it comes to Bai Shan.

In her previous life, after her grandmother’s death, she left with her uncle to find Bai Shan, but the apartment was already dusty for a long time. She never heard of Bai Shan again until she learned of her death and when they rushed to her resting place with great difficulty, there was nothing left of her. They only learned fragments of her experience from the mouths of strangers.

This time, Bai Ling must have a grasp on Bai Shan’s whereabouts. She even warned her sister numerous times not to leave the house rashly or at least, she had to inform Bai Ling if she decided to leave with Little Meatball.

Unfortunately, there was a factor Bai Ling didn’t take into account – Bai Shan’s mother-in-law. There was no way Bai Shan wouldn’t listen to Bai Ling. Her cellphone was fully charged before the blackout, but out of loneliness and goodwill, she made a call to her mother-in-law.

In her previous life, she also did the same thing. History was repeating itself.

While Bai Ling was finding a place to rest, Bai Shan was looking at her battery life while whimpering and hugging her son tightly.

There was no more food in her mother-in-law’s house, so they told her they will come to her house. In addition, they told her that her place was closer to the safety zone. That woman spoke like she was giving Bai Shan alms.

Although she lived in another house, both houses were not far. Their relationship could only be summed as bad. When Bai Shan called, the first thing she would be asked was why she couldn’t contact her son and if Bai Shan was stopping her son from calling her.

Bai Shan was baffled by her admonishment and couldn’t help tightening the grip on her cellphone. She wanted to send a text message to Bai Ling since her sister didn’t want her to leave the house, a feeling she shared. However, she was afraid that her problems would distract Bai Ling and hesitated while watching the battery on her phone slowly depleted.


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