AR: CDM Chapter 48


Chapter 48 – Explosion


Bai Ling cut in half the head of the zombies which dare to pounce at her. She created a way to the rope where she tied a suitcase to it.

Afterward, she ran back to the car to take another suitcase containing food. Fortunately, the zombies had yet evolved to the first level which allowed her to travel back and forth without fear.

After her third round trip, she had transport almost all the food she took at the gas station.

“This is enough food for a person to eat three meals a day for a month. If you plan well, you can survive on it for more than a month.”

“Thank you very much! You’re our saviors.” Old Tang seemed to understand why she did that. Although she appeared cold and ruthless, her heart was warmer than others.

Bai Xiaoxi scowled. It was impossible for his big sis to do this kind of superfluous things without a reason. Why she did it, he had no idea. Suddenly, his cellphone vibrated. Surprised, he picked up the phone in a hurry, then he looked at the text message. He frowned even more and glanced back and forth at Old Tang among six people in their forties and thirties and his screen.

“Is there something?” Old Tang felt Bai Xiaoxi’s gaze on him, so he looked back and touched his face in confusion.

As for the others, they became vigilant.

“Nothing!” Bai Xiaoxi lowered his eyes. He put his hand into his pocket, took out a grenade and pulled out the ring.

“T-t-that… What do you want to do?” His action scared them.

He ignored their reactions and threw the grenade toward the stairs.


The explosion resounded immediately, scaring all of them. Their ears rang painfully, and ashes flew everywhere.

It was a good thing they were far from the stairs otherwise the impact of the explosion would have injured them.

“What are you doing? You destroyed the stairs. Now, we are trapped here!” The people weak from hunger became energetic suddenly and screamed at the top of their lungs.

Bai Xiaoxi shrugged. “You don’t plan to leave until the rescue comes anyway. Destroying the stairs will keep you safe.”

Without waiting for them to retort, he slipped down the rope quickly.

Everyone was fuming in anger, including Old Tang. He thought they were good people, but it turned out they were bad. How unreasonable! Who do they think they are? This is pissing him off! How could people be so awful?

He didn’t know yet, but a week later, left with only five people – two of them turned into zombies from drinking tapped water, they will be very grateful for Bai Xiaoxi destroying the stairs because no zombie could jump up to their floor no matter how strong or ferocious it was.

The reason Bai Xiaoxi frowned when he saw the text message had nothing to do with bombing the stairs. It was mind-boggling to him why Bai Ling was so good to those people. He would not admit that he was jealous these people received her help without doing much unlike him.

Without an answer, his frustration grew which he vented by killing the surrounding zombies.

Then, he received another message.

Hurry and come back!

It was only four words, but they seemed to contain magic which let his bad mood disappeared in an instant. He settled his fight quickly and left for another store.

“Big Sis!”

Bai Ling was wrapping the things they need when he came. She raised her head and his brilliant smile. At first, he wanted to ask her why she wanted to help those people, but now that his mood was good, he felt it didn’t matter in the end.


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  1. Kimmy says:

    Aw little Bai Xiaoxi got jealous, cute!

    Thanks for the mass release of chapters! 💕


  2. exqalph03 says:

    — Thanks for the mass release~ ^^.

    XD! Bai Xiaoxi is so much of a follower 😛


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