AR: CDM Chapter 47


Chapter 47 – Barter


“I can only give you a month worth of provisions for one person.” Bartering was the most common method of trade in the apocalypse. It was also the fairest since both parties get benefits when done right. As they said, things useless to someone might be useful to another. Although greed might push some people to resort to extortion or stealing to get what they want.

Old Tang nodded hastily. A happy expression bloomed on his face, no longer caring about the cut on his face. Despite his joy, his shrewd eyes observed Bai Ling discreetly. Although her young age, around 24 or 25, she had real skills. When he had dashed out, he didn’t realize he was injured until he felt the blood on his face.

Old Tang isn’t an inexperienced youth anymore. He had seen and interacted with many people and wasn’t easily impressed, but in front of Bai Ling, he still felt tense.

Hearing Bai Ling’s words, the other people were shocked. “Old Tang, what… what about us?”

Old Tang trembled when he heard them. He turned back and was stared at by six pairs of eyes. “Since we’re waiting for the rescue, it’s better if we stay here.”

That woman who agreed to trade with him would absolutely not bring them with her. If he was alone and requested it, she might have agreed. Then, he pondered if he could actually have the heart to abandon his group. Would he be able to raise his head in front of them after making such a decision? No, he couldn’t.

Bai Ling narrowed her eyes, observing the group of people in front of her, then she looked at that fat man. That man has the will to live and strong resilience. In the midst of this disaster, he still could think of making a profit out of it.

In the near future, leather will become one of the most sought materials for combat gears. At that time, the price will soar to the sky. This place had a safety zone nearby so the people there will come here to gather supplies in the future.

However, she wouldn’t tell them that. When the situation will stabilize, the government will organize expeditions to gather these materials and clothes. At that time, if this group of people is still alive, they would be escorted to that safety zone.

“Since you are staying here, prepare ropes or cords.” She tied up the things she took and instructed Bai Xiaoxi. “Bai Xiaoxi, prepare the things.”

“Yes, Big Sis!” He knew what Bai Ling wants. These people are weak so it was impossible to ask them to carry their loots.

She opened a window and threw the rope down. It wasn’t in her plan to go out through the same route because it was just a waste of time. If she wanted to be back by dark with the required quantity of food, going straight down was faster. Then, she looked at her hands. The corner of her mouth curled up slightly, finding her forgetfulness funny. She went back, followed by six pairs of eyes, then rummaged around and finally found a pair of gloves. After wearing the gloves, she was ready.

Without further ado, she went down the rope under everyone’s eyes.

Old Tang watched her with incredulity. They were on the fourth floor! He ran to the window, but at that time, she had already reached the ground and was walking through the great number of zombies she had aggroed with ease. Her calm was legendary even in the face of a zombie who almost bite. Her agility was such, she evaded the attack with ease before kicking the thing far away. Undead encircled her, but it didn’t deter her from advancing. She unsheathed her sword then glanced back at a shocked thirteen-year-old child. “Wow… I didn’t expect she can…”

“Awesome!” Bai Xiaoxi showed great pride. “That’s my big sis!”

Really powerful indeed! Compared to them who only know how to run away in the same situation, her prowess was incomparable. Why wasn’t that kind of powerful person not someone dispatches by the government or the safe zone?

They felt frustrated at the thought and some people even showed jealousy.

While these two people could handle the monsters and didn’t show much difficulty, they cut a sorry figure and stank. How unfair!

After 20 minutes, Bai Ling returned with a suitcase.


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  1. Kimmy says:

    One suitcase full of leather clothing and items, I wonder how big the case is? 😂


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