AR: CDM Chapter 46


Chapter 46 – Old Tang


Bai Xiaoxi’s mouth twitched the woman’s words. She still has the energy to worry about them stealing? Then, he thought of something and took out a credit card. “Here! There should be enough money in the card to cover everything.”

Anyway, it doesn’t matter how much they deducted from the card since that kind of money is now worth nothing. These people looked like they’ve been holed up in here for a few days, so they must have lost track of the situation outside. At this moment, keeping one’s life was already hard enough, no one had the time to even think about money.

These people didn’t even mention going to a safe area. They must be completely out of touch with the current situation. This should explain why they had no thought of leaving this store and didn’t have the courage to go out to scavenge for food since it was unsafe with the number of zombies outside.

Bai Ling did have several thousand in her credit card, but she was planning to trade food with them instead since she had no intention of giving back the leather clothes. Since Bai Xiaoxi took the initiative, she didn’t stop him and remained silent instead.

From the look of the seven men and women in front of them, they must have enough food and bottles of water to last them up until now. If they were drinking the contaminated water from the sink, they would have mutated long ago.

If it wasn’t the case, they would have been hungry to the point money would have been a secondary problem.

As soon she was done assessing their situation, she heard that slightly chubby man said weakly, “I don’t want your money. I want to eat!”

The man called Old Tang seemed to have sobered and was no longer panicked. He shook his head when he saw Bai Xiaoxi’s credit card. “As long as you give me one month of food, you can take all the leather in this store.”

After he said that, everyone touched their stomach. With danger lurking everywhere, they didn’t dare go out to search for food.

How much food could there be in a staff office? In addition, there were seven survivors, with their number how much food was divided for everyone to eat. In fact, they have run out of food and were surviving on drinking water for two days, so they were lacking in strength at that moment.

As they were starting to get anxious, they heard the roars of the excited zombies outside the office. After a while, the noise died down and the heavy footsteps of the undead could no longer be heard.

Their precarious situation forced them to take a risk and opened the tightly shut door of the office to survey the situation.

Coincidentally, when they peeped out from the small opening, Bai Ling and Bai Xiaoxi were passing by instead of the usual sinister monsters which were now pieces of flesh laying on the floor.

With great hope, Old Tang dashed out without hesitation. If these people could reach the fourth floors, they must have a way to get. He had to grab this opportunity or they will remain trapped in here and died from starvation, and dead people will turn into monsters.

That man thought of using the leather to trade; He was no fool. In addition, despite being stuck inside a room for many days, that group didn’t appear to have internal conflicts or other problems, except for hunger.

For a bunch of people which had lost contact with the outside, it was unthinkable that none were unaffected by the brutality of the end of the world. Didn’t they have anyone in their group suddenly turning into a monster?

As soon that he, Old Tang, rushed out and had his cheek cut by a sword, he knew right away that the two persons in front of him didn’t come to save them. He deducted they must also be survivors like him. Earlier, from the office window, their group saw people fighting in front of the convenience store. However, it was unlikely those people would come up here no matter the benefits given.

There was nothing they could have done to change the situation. It was their bad luck that everything happened when the store was still opened and the entrance was opened, allowing many zombies to wander in. Who would dare to come up to help them while knowing a horde of zombies awaited them?

When he heard the chubby uncle, Bai Xiaoxi’s mouth arched. They have many things on them, but that man wanted food?


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