AR: CDM Chapter 44


Chapter 44 – High Quality Leather Clothes


Bai Ling looked at Bai Xiaoxi sighing. There was a slight frown on her forehead as she thought of another problem. This place doesn’t lack a washroom to clean themselves. Although, the water would inevitably be tapped water which was impossible to ascertain if the water source contaminated or not. It wasn’t a problem if they were careful and only used it to wash.

At that moment, they have already clean up the zombies encountered in the store, but it didn’t mean there was no other danger lurking around. This is also the reason why she locked the store entrance.

After she was done wiping off her face and geared herself with a black leather waistcoat, skintight leather pants and a leather jacket, she saw that Bai Xiaoxi was still standing there in a daze.

She shook her head, then went to the counter and grabbed a sturdy pair of leather boots which she promptly wore.

Why trouble yourself to go through this high-end department store just for some leather clothing? Is it because there is too much counterfeit in smaller stores?

No matter how Bai Xiaoxi racked his brain, he couldn’t understand Bai Ling’s current actions. Is it because the world has ended and previous moral standard no longer stood, so she wants to fulfill her cherished wish to wear goods that cost a hundred thousand dollars?

At this moment, when the apocalypse has just begun, people might not have thought it, but facts are, as humanity is hushed longer into the apocalypse, goods will become scarce, even more so high ends goods like leather which need more equipment to produce. Therefore, since she was already here, Bai Ling selected a few leather bags and boots as a spare for later.

She also picked some leather products which she cut into strips to stabilize her sword on her back.

When Bai Xiaoxi finally snapped out, he realized Bai Ling had already changed her clothes. The new clothes gave her the image of a badass heroine. Her hair which was tied in twin tails is now a ponytail. She did cut her hair when they were at the gas station, but it was short enough for her to be able to tie her hair into a ponytail or a bun.

Long flowing hair with a windbreaker like in action movies on TV? Gosh! If you have a death wish, feel free to fight zombies like that. That kind of appearance is far from being practical.

“How cool!” Bai Xiaoxi exclaimed. He was excited when he noticed Bai Ling’s attire. At lightning fast speed, he ran into the bathroom to change into a similarly “cool” clothes.

During the time they were traveling in the car, Bai Ling had let Bai Xiaoxi disclosed on the internet some information about the apocalypse. She couldn’t do it herself as the matter of her rebirth is a secret far too great to publicize. She would only attract disaster if that were to be known by the wrong people.

Her existence is a miracle. However, for the affluent people, she was a great threat to their influence and authority.

While Bai Xiaoxi was changing, Bai Ling was testing out the sword holder she made. When Bai Ling met Bai Xiaoxi, he was wearing black clothes adorned with metallic spikes. She could see his taste in clothing. However, unnoticed to her, his taste changed and seemed to emulate her own preferences – plain and simple.

Bai Ling reached for her sword and pulled it out from her DIY sheath. In her previous life, she also loved unsheathing swords from her back. She fixed the darts on both sides of her waist for easier access. Next, she pulled up the zipper and tried to reach for the darts. She made sure that at any time she could use any weapons in the blink of an eye when needed.

Although her pants were skintight, the design one big pocket at her tight. She put a small handgun in it.

Bai Xiaoxi came out when she picked up a travel bag. She saw the sun is about to set. She turned to Bai Xiaoxi and saw he had changed close very quickly. He was in high spirits. Unfortunately, the cool clothes didn’t match his baby face.

“Hold on to them and let’s go!”

Huh? He felt regretful when he heard her words. Leaving all those leather goods here was quite a waste. They took so little, but Bai Ling didn’t seem to think so. She was quite indifferent to it.


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