AR: CDM Chapter 43


Chapter 43 – The Departement Store


Bai Xiaoxi was stunned. In that kind of department store, each floor can only be accessed via elevators or stairs. Furthermore, the entrance was open. It was impossible to determine how many zombies went in. Why does she want to go in there?

His silent question remained unanswered as Bai Ling had dashed out of her hidden spot.


Her sudden appearance had attracted the attention of the zombies in her vicinity. In an instant, the zombie who had roared pounced at her, but she left it in the dust, closely followed by Bai Xiaoxi.

After three days of training, Bai Ling had drilled into his head her modus operandi. Therefore, it didn’t matter if Bai Ling explained her actions or not, he would still follow her with blind trust, not to mention he was grateful to her.

Except for that zombie pouncing on her, the other zombies didn’t show any meaning of approaching them, so it only took her one slash to take care of it.

She proceeded to the store and Bai Xiaoxi followed suite at the same speed. Clang! They closed behind them the glass doors.

Fortunately, the store only had one entrance instead of having an entrance at the four cardinal points.


An one-arm zombie popped out of a blind spot and greeted Bai Xiaoxi with a bloody and half-rotten face and wide opened mouth. At such a close distance, it was impossible for him to dodge.

However, he was no longer like his former ignorant self. He didn’t close his eyes and awaited death. On the contrary, he used his sword to block the attack.

Slash! Instead of blocking the attack, the sword cut through the head like butter. Splurt! And, he got generously showered with brain matters and fouled blood.

The longer that thing was dead, the worst the blood smell. After a certain degree of mutation, which doesn’t affect the putrefaction of the flesh, undead’s blood would take a purplish color. At that moment, most zombies looked less and less human, only keeping the shape.

How strange. Bai Xiaoxi had the nagging feeling the zombies’ movements were less stiff compared to a few days ago.

There should be many zombies inside the store, so Bai Xiaoxi couldn’t afford to daydream. In addition, Bai Lin had already reached the stairs. Another weird thing happened. The zombies chasing them stopped at the stairs, not taking a step further. They paced around with vile expressions, showing how much they thirst and hunger for human flesh, even pouncing toward the stairs but failing miserably. They fell on their stomach and flailed their limbs around in a struggle. It was quite a hilarious scene.

An hour later, the duo had successfully reached the leather clothes section. At the same time, they were able to clean up all the zombies on the fourth floor. Armed with only swords, their journey wasn’t one without peril. Throughout their advance, there was no shadow of a living human, perhaps everyone had perished and turned into monsters, or maybe they hid in the safer places.

Bai Xiaoxi stared at the leather clothing and shoes, then he looked at his ripped and grossed clothes. In the first days of the apocalypse, the zombies’ nails were at normal size, but from the third day on, for some unknown reason, their nails turned dark purple, grew longer and became sharper. He felt the risk of getting infected and turning into a zombie might be higher if scratch by those nails unlike before.

Hence, he was more vigilant, a sentiment reinforced by Bai Ling’s warnings. The changes in him were for the good. He couldn’t fathom how others might fare in the same situation as him without godly swords.

He looked at himself in the mirror. His clothes were in tattered; his sneakers were so dirty that the original color could no longer be seen. It has been less than a week, but his face no longer showed the naivete of youth. Although caked with dirt and blood, there was a sharpness that couldn’t be hidden.


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  1. Kimmy says:

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