AR: CDM Chapter 45


Chapter 45 – Robbers


“Big Sis, why do you want theses leather clothes instead of others?” Bai Xiaoxi followed after a happy Bai Ling while holding onto a bulging backpack. His sword was also strapped on horizontally at his lower back the same way Bai Ling did. He found it quite convenient to move around while having a weapon at his reach when needed.

It was a good idea to take the backpack since it leaves his hands free and it was more convenient when traveling through dangerous areas.

After staying at Bai Ling’s side for a while, he felt she was more and more unfathomable which made him trust her more and relied on her decisions for most of the time. He believed that even if the sky falls, she would have a way to rescue the day.

“Leather clothes had more durability and because of the smooth surface, it doesn’t get dirty easily. The most important thing is the protection it offers without hindering your movements.” Although that kind of fashionable clothes doesn’t compare with real leather armor, it was better than nothing.

Bai Xiaoxi was stunned. He nodded mechanically. Her words were true. Leather doesn’t rip easily or get soaked with blood quickly. He touched his clothes. The quality of this leather was much better than the faux leather he wore before.

In addition, it could be sketched and allowed many movements without ripping or hindering. No wonder Bis Sis didn’t mind facing countless zombies to go up here.

“Where are we going next?”

Bai Ling peered outside the glass window and saw a convenience store across the street. Suddenly, she squinted her eyes because she saw something in there. From the viewpoint, the battle unfolding in front of the messy convenience was unobstructed. Among the bloody crowd of zombies, there were still two humans fighting for their life. It appeared some people have started to run out of food and supplies.

“In front!”

Bai Xiaoxi followed her gaze and saw the convenience store. Suddenly, he remembered Bai Lin mentioning about resting. “Are we going to spend the night in there?”

She didn’t respond but picked her things and walked toward the stairs. As they passed by the closed staff office, the door suddenly opened.

Surprised, Bai Xiaoxi was still stunned while Bai Ling had already unsheathed her sword, ready to neutralize any dangerous element. The next second, a shadow rushed out of the staff office while waving at them.

“Heroes! Don’t attack! I am a normal human, not a monster!”

Bai Ling stopped her sword in time when she heard his fearful shout. Yet, it still grazed him. She observed the man who suddenly kneeled in front of them. He appeared to be more than thirty, a bit fat with fair skin marred by that a bloody cut from her sword.

“Old Tang, you’re fine!” Many people suddenly came out of the office. Some of them were the employees of the store and the others were the customers. They were the lucky survivors.

The man called Old Tang was the one who kneeled in front of Bai Ling and Bai Xiaoxi. He covered his cheek. His expression twisted in pain.

Bai Ling sheathed her sword in one move. She watched that group of people who had yet to be tempered by the cruelty of this new world. Her harsh and cold voice sounded out.

“It’s only a cut.”

“How can you be like this? You are the one who barged in here. Look! Look! What you are wearing are the things in Old Tang’s department store. What you’re doing right now is robbery!” A woman in her thirties in designer clothes and still caked in heavy makeup stood out and berated Bai Ling and Bai Xiaoxi.

When the other people heard her, they started to gossip with each other.

“Do you know how much those things on you cost? Can you afford these?”

Humph! Don’t even think because there are those man-eating monsters outside that you can do whatever you want without impunity. When the police or army come, they will send you to prison!”


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  1. Kimmy says:

    Ah hello cannon fodders, nice to meet you, hope to never see you again!


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