AR: CDM Chapter 52


Chapter 52 – Their First Meeting


Bai Ling smiled lightly while she unsheathed her sword. Then, she thrust it into the head of a zombie that wanted to approach her.

After impaling the thing, she leaped onto the car roof without the notice of the surrounding zombies. The tent was in front of her, but she didn’t stop. With her momentum, she jumped on it and used it as a springboard to reach the balcony of the second floor of the building. From there, she climbed up to the roof. As one of her hands grabbed the edge, she used all her strength, flexing her muscles to the extreme, and pushed herself in one swift move to the top floor.

However, she didn’t expect there was a living area on top of the opposite building. At that moment, she saw someone’s head leaned on the window frame. After careful observation, she noticed several people behind the man with fear in their eyes.

A few moments ago, while the man scouted the surroundings, his eyes suddenly became brighter. He signaled at the people behind him. When they came near, he whispered, “Someone had climbed up!”

His words piqued their curiosity. He leaned on the window and continued to observe the situation outside.

Bai Ling, who had finally settled on the opposite roof, had discovered two persons not far from her. One of them was tall with a shaven head and a physique of a bodybuilder. He had a gun in his hands and was pointing it at a slender man who was sitting on the floor. One of his legs appeared to be injured.

The injured man was paled. It was even more glaring under the cold moonlight, giving him a morbid feeling. Despite his bad complexion, his eyes were bright like a star field and he didn’t lose the faint smile which tugged on the corner of his lips. However, it wasn’t a smile from the bottom of his heart. Even at gunpoint, no fear could be seen in his expression. He seemed to be shrouded in a soft atmosphere.

It was clear that the tall man wasn’t an ordinary civilian. He said something to the other man, but the low roars of zombies drowned the words. Suddenly, there was a movement behind the tall man. He turned back swiftly and opened fire.

Unfortunately, he was too late. As he turned back, a dart shot out from the darkness and aiming at his temple. His eyes widened in shock. On the edge of the roof, he saw a lonely figure draped in black clothes. What gave him the strongest impression was a pitch-black pair of eyes devoid of warm, similar to those of a demon.


The gunshot echoed loudly. Bai Ling dodged in extremis as her dart hit the man’s head with accuracy.

As if time slowed, the man slumped to the floor. As for the other man, he leaned on the water reservoir while staring at her.

His facial traits were exceptionally elegant. The smile on his face bloomed with more warm and gentleness, and his eyes seemed to sparkle with kindness and confidence. There was a grandeur to him which was hard to put in words. He exuded a charisma which made people feel he had extraordinary benevolence and boundless magnanimity. His aura had the quality to attract people like flies. It seemed as if one’s soul would be sucked out if he was stared at too long.

Bai Ling seemed to be affected by it for a second before she extricated herself and turned away her head. Her brows were slightly creased. It appeared that short mental confrontation left her as a loser. It caused her mood to take a dip down. She only spared him a glance before going up to the fresh corpse to take back her dart.

The head was damaged which won’t add another body to the zombie legions. The only people who won’t easily mutate into a zombie after their death were metahumans.

Meanwhile, the survivors on the third floor of the other building gasped in amazement after seeing the battle unfolded.

They all thought that woman was quite ferocious.

When Bai Ling put back her dart, she raised her head and looked back at the angel-like man. His skin was fair and looked better than most women. Combined with his slightly pouty lips, he appeared quite charming.


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