AR: CDM Chapter 53


Chapter 53 – Are You Hurt?


She glanced at him, sweeping her eyes on the silver gun he held. She remembered seeing an identical gun in the secret warehouse of the auction house because of the special design; it gave her a stronger impression.

That kind of gun was more suitable for a woman use. She couldn’t help taking a second look of the man. They were two meters apart. It couldn’t say to be too far for the gun range, but at such a distance, why didn’t he shoot?

Then, her expression became stiffer. Wasn’t this man Wen Ruyu, the new hope of humanity in the future, the man who had gathered under his thumb countless loyal, powerful and famous metahumans?

That man was also the leader of one of the future three biggest powerhouses in the apocalypse.


Wen Ruyu didn’t expect he would meet again with that foolish and delicate girl who his car almost hit in S City. It was obviously the same girl, but at this moment, the harsh atmosphere around her and the icy feeling seething from her eyes couldn’t be further from the impression in his memory.

Since the moment she appeared, her movements were like those of a cat – agile and fast. She sheathed her sword on her back. Her surrounding atmosphere seemed more restrained like a barrier keeping others away. However, in fact, she was trying to hold back her laugh, finding the current situation amusing.

She scowled again while observing the handsome and smiling man in front of her. Her gaze trailed to his left leg where a big bloodstain on his thigh dyed his pants.

“Are you hurt?”

“Yes, it hurts!” A flickered of emotion passed through his eyes when he saw the sword on Bai Ling’s back. Divinity was in her hand!

It hurts? She didn’t the slightest trace of pain on his face.

She crouched and took out a flashlight. Then, she used a sharp darts to cut a hole in his white pants. Finally, the wound was revealing. It was a gunshot wound, a bit more and his femoral arteria would have been punctured.

She lifted her head in shock and her gaze met with radiant and gentle eyes. Her heart quivered. At such a close distance, his eyes held a power that seemed to see through her which disturb her greatly.

A strange feeling rose in her heart which she didn’t like. She took out a leather belt in haste and tightly fastened it above the wound to stop the bleeding temporarily. Then, she got up. “Endure it a bit!”

Before she came up the roof, she had noticed a drug store nearby which didn’t appear to be overrun by zombies. If it was the case, the lock on the metal grid would have broken long ago. She decided to go back down and loot that place for the medical supply.

When they walked through the building corridors, a sudden thought popped into her mind. She realized on the left side there was a desert warehouse with no zombie around the perimeter, but there were eaten corpses. From her observation and analyze, it was a simple matter to erect a fence around it to defend the place. She turned back to look at Wen Ruyu. He also looked back at her, making her heart hopped faster.

“You have planned to escape here from the start. Earlier, you were taunting him to approach you because your shooting skill is crap.”

This building had most of the supplies necessary for survival; there was a pharmacy in case of injuries and there was a warehouse with food when hungry. Even if she didn’t rescue him, he would have been able to pull himself out of his predicament. He could kill the other man as long as their distance was closer. Bai Ling had no doubt Wen Ruyu had the ability to make that man come very near to him without suspicions. Then, he would wait for his subordinates to come to help him. Everything was under his control.

It finally dawned on her why she didn’t dare to look at him for too long – that man was dangerous despite his gentle look.


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