AR: CDM Chapter 54


Chapter 54 – A Honest Body


Was she scared of him? She frowned at the thought.

Anyway, it wasn’t important to dwell on that matter. The main point was the residential area was just across the street. With convenient stores here, it was only a matter of time before survivors would flood here. At that time, that man could go with that group. To sum it, her interventions didn’t affect his survival in any way.

Wen Ruyu’s eyes curved into a crescent, showing how good his mood was.

Inversely, Bai Ling’s mood had plummeted. She had the feeling of being peep at. “Why didn’t you dodge when he shot you?”

Her movements were quiet and prudent. Not to mention the continuous roars of the zombies could conceal her steps if she walked louder. Any average person would have difficulty detecting her movements. The bald man from earlier didn’t find her until she actually threw the dart at him. In that split of a second, he could accurately pinpoint her position and opened fire without hesitation. It proved he wasn’t an ordinary man and had top-notch marksmanship.

Yet, he couldn’t kill Wen Ruyu. Was it a miscalculation which allows Wen Ruyu to escape death? Or did Wen Ruyu do something which allows him to survive his assassination?

“Hmm!’ Wen Ruyu nodded. When the bald man shot, the speed and angle were perfect. It had taken into account his position and current running action. There was no doubt he couldn’t escape from the gunshot, so he faked falling down. Since he couldn’t escape, he might as well limit the gravity of the injury, but based on his low level of coordination and physical skill, it was impossible to do anything complex like dodging.

She said nothing more and hastened her pace down the stairs, disappearing from his sight.

Wen Ruyu continued to look at the corridor where Bai Ling left. Then, he leaned back his head on the water reservoir. In a quiet voice, he said, “In fact, my main goal is to fish you out.”

He wanted to know what the person who got Divinity looks like because there wasn’t anyone up to now who could lift that sword. Otherwise, why else would he store the sword in that place?

“However, it seemed you didn’t save me because I have the ability to save myself, but because I am called Wen Ruyu!” There was an indescribable disappointment in his tone.

In fact, there was a bit of miscalculation. If he went directly to her place based on his deduction and from the hints of the upload videos, his leg wouldn’t have been injured. His sword-like eyebrows wrinkled, not from the pain. He just didn’t like letting others see him when he was injured.

When Bai Ling came back, she saw him looked up, staring at the Moon. Although he appeared calm, she could see the layer of sweat covering his forehead and neck, and how pale his lips were.

Despite avoid getting hit at a vital part, the injury still led to a hemorrhage, not to mention the growing pain. His mind could endure it, but his body was more honest.

She opened the first aid kit bag and took out a disinfectant, gauzes, bandages, a sterile scalpel and tweezer. It wasn’t the first time she took care of a gunshot wound. In her last life, she had learned to help others with emergency wounds treatment.

“Tell me if it hurts too much.” Then, she plunged in the tweezer into the widened wound.

With practiced movements, she accurately found the bullet. Then, she sensed his line of sight locked on her. It bothered her. She never had something stared at her like that, so she let him know her unhappiness by glaring back.

“Haha!” Being glared with big angry eyes by a cold woman didn’t deter him. He couldn’t help think she was quite cute and his mood rose.

Since she was bent above his thigh, his head was close to her and when he laughed cheerfully in a low voice, his breath blew on her fair and delicate ear. His breath tickled her ear and sent goosebumps down her back. She ended up putting more strength when picking up the bullet, foregoing any gentleness.


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