AR: CDM Chapter 55


Chapter 55 – The Benefits of Saving Him


When she looked into those pair of gentle and star-like eyes, she found her glare had no effect, but there was dangerous flickered in his eyes.

Wen Ruyu asked with a gentle smile, “What is your name?”


The bullet came out. Bai Ling’s mouth slightly curved up in satisfaction. Then, she helped him with the dressing. After everything was done, she closed the first aid kit which contained many bottles of medication she had loot.

“Bai Ling!” She got up, looking down on him before saying her name. It wasn’t because she felt inferior thus she stood up. “When will your men come to get you?”

“Eh?” Wen Ruyu sat there calmly while the zombies in the surrounding were roaring with madness from the smell of his fresh blood. “They won’t come here. We agreed to meet up in Miancheng.”

“What?” Bai Ling shout. Why did he make such a bad decision? His shooting was horrible which also meant that his fighting skill couldn’t be better. Did he think he could simply rely on his high IQ to travel passed two cities full of zombies without any bodyguards?!

Even people with a bit of brain would understand that with the current situation this kind of action was courting death. In fact, he must be stupid, right?

“Do you know me?” He wasn’t shocked by her behavior. It seemed as if he had anticipated it. Wait, was he waiting for me? “How can you be so sure that I will come here?”

“I guess you must have driven three days without resting, but despite traveling in haste, you still have to kill zombies. That kind of behavior would not last long even if you aren’t a normal human. Plus, supplies aren’t unlimited. Therefore, this is the only nearest city big enough to have all the supplies you will need before continuing your journey.” The truth was, he deduced their itinerary from the videos and had calculated the time between each video to deduce most of the things. As an intelligent person, he had noticed an important clue from the upload video which made it certain she would be in this city – her tattered clothes. If he was in her place, he would also get some better clothes like leather instead of one-time-use cotton clothes.

Although only three days have passed, he still had some understanding of the city layout.

“Since you came here to resupply, you will need to take a rest. However, the environment was unsafe and coupled with the gunshots, you will certainly go out to investigate.” His conjectures took into consideration her strength because, for an ordinary human, that kind of situation would make them hide even more. Even without the dangerous factor of zombies, a normal human would not meddle in a gunfight. “Anyway, I want to ask if you know me?”

Regardless of the reason, the current world was no longer a place where black and white are well defined. When that woman climbed up to the roof, she had killed his assassin without hesitation and remorse.

Yet, when he told her his name, she reacted. Wen Ruyu had an almost photogenic memory, and he remembered they didn’t meet face to face when his car almost runs over her. She didn’t seem to know she jumped over his car.

“I don’t.” Her heart skipped a beat. She felt prick by his words. Her expression changed as she turned to the bald man’s corpse. “But I know him!”

Her lies didn’t matter as dead men tell no tales.

Wen Ruyu was shocked. Did he guess wrong? He smiled as if he didn’t care about her answer. He looked straight at the woman standing in front of him. Then, in a soft voice, he uttered, “Thank you very much for saving me.”

There was sincerity in his eyes and his handsome face looked earnest. She flung away her head with a frown. She only saved him because he was Wen Ruyu. He didn’t have to thank her because one day he will have to pay back this debt of gratitude.


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