Dream of Fuyao – Chapter 11


Chapter 11 – It’s Not the Right Time Yet


As soon as the words came out, she felt like a child who was caught making a prank.

Nangong Huo stroked her cheek to comfort her. “It’s not the right time yet.”

Not the right time yet? Do you want to divine our first time together? At that moment, she was as impatient and eager as an old girl.

He opened his arms and stared at her. “My beloved princess, help me with my clothes.”

She pouted. Forget it! She had no luck. Would she ever get laid?

She helped him take off his clothes. As the layers of clothes were peeled up, she couldn’t help gulping at his figure which didn’t lose one bit to her boss.

At last, she reached the plat of resistance – his underwear. She swallowed hard. Unfortunately, what lies underneath could only be left to her own imagination as she didn’t dare to pull it down.

Nangong Huo suddenly spoke up. “Why didn’t you take off your clothes. Do you want me to help you?”

She shook her head energetically. “N-n-no! I can do it myself.”

Lying through! You really want us to bathe together? Just the thought of it made her shy. If it wasn’t so bright, she would have long taken off her clothes.


In the end, she kept her underwear and plunged into the water while Nangong Huo still had his broad back turns to her.

The next moment, she heard a splash behind her. She squatted in the big tube immediately, immersing herself in the hot water. She only felt secured when her chest was hidden from view. She turned around and almost knocked into him. Her face took a deeper shade of red.

He watched her bashful appearance and the corner of his mouth hooked up. “My beloved princess, are you willing to wash my back?”

“Y-yes!” She stuttered while nodding.

If she washed his back, it was the perfect excuse to avoid being hit by the lethality of his face.

Murong Fuyao had a strange feeling. Earlier, she was quite eager to experience something new, but at this moment, even washing his back made her infinitely shy to the point she wanted to bury herself inside a hole. There were many contradictions battling inside of her; on one hand, she wanted to be intimate with him on an impulse, but on another hand, she worried about the consequences such impulsivity will bring her. In the end, she still desired to sleep with her boss look-alike.

In fact, it usual for many young girls in the organization to be experienced in matters of the bed due to the nature of some of their missions. Many would use pillow talk to worm their way into their target’s life and gain their trust. Being intimate was one amongst many methods to get close to a target, but it wasn’t one preferred by Murong Fuyao. In fact, the nature of her mission didn’t need her to be close to anyone. She was mostly assigned assassination missions instead of undercover missions. That and stealth missions where going on someone’s bed was completely optional. She didn’t particularly look forward to doing intelligence undercover missions. However, her colleagues always come to show off in front of her which made her feel inadequate and green.

“Use a bit more of strength.” Nangong Huo ordered while keeping his eyes closed. He was thoroughly enjoying Murong Fuyao’s service.

I am only washing your back. Why are there so many demands? I’m already giving you a good backwash! She kept the words inside her heart and put more and more strength in her wrists to express her dissatisfaction. “Milord, is that enough force?”

“Mm… It feels good.”

He revealed a comfortable expression, but after a moment, he suddenly turned back. “Turn around, I’ll help you with your back.”

The sudden favor overwhelmed her and she was unable to refuse. It was surprising for a powerful man in ancient times to service a woman like this. His rubbings were gentle and with the warm temperature inside the bathhouse, she quickly fell into a relaxed mood.

As her eyes became heavy, she cast him a glance. “Milord, am I the first person you wash the back?”


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