Dream of Fuyao – Chapter 10


Chapter 10 – A young Girl’s Dream


Everyone shut up immediately.

Huai Sheng rubbed his chin while watching the backs of his master and his princess as they walked further away. “He acts unlike his usual self…” he said thoughtfully.

Murong Fuyao looked left to right. Nangong Huo was leading her, but this wasn’t the way back to her bedchamber. In doubt, she asked him, “Milord, where are we going?”

He glanced at her and noticed there was dust on her hair. He stopped and dusted it off. His action scared her into stepping back. She thought he wanted to hit her. However, he grabbed her shoulder and stopped her from backing away.

What a great strength! She couldn’t help lamenting the deficient of her physical condition compared to his.

She was about to object his action when he stated, “We’re going to the bath house.”

T-t-the b-bath house?!

She blurted out, “You want to take a bath with me?”

He nodded without hesitation.

Her eyes flashed dangerously as she imagined bathing with the handsome Nangong Huo.

His lips curled up when he saw her expression. “My dear, you seem very eager.”

How can I not be eager? This great Miss has yet to eat meat, so how can I be calm in front of a delicious steak like you.

The next second, he picked her up and carried her princess-style. In reflex, she hugged his neck. At this distance, she could observe his face which was identical to her boss. A complicated feeling arose inside her heart.

Her boss was the idol of all men and women in the organization. For the women, he was their Adonis, and for the men, he was their goals. As for Murong Fuyao, she did not differ from the other women.

The first time she saw him was when she was first brought back to the organization. At that time, he told her, “Follow me, do as you are told and you will have food to eat.”

Fast forward to a few years later, they barely spoke with each other ever since then. She usually saw him from a distance. The time when she could be near him were scarce and their interactions could be summed as professional. In her eyes, he was a god she couldn’t afford to climb on. Yet, she was still a young girl and couldn’t help crushing on him.

She knew she was superficial, but it didn’t matter since she never entered his eyes. However, her infatuation was only for him and no one else. Fortunately, Heavens has eyes; Despite being sent mysteriously in another time and space, she became the wife of a look-alike. Although his personality differed, how could she not be satisfied which this result?

However, her current situation was a bit embarrassing, no! More like dangerous. She was smitten by the Sixth Prince while working for the Third Prince, Nangong Lie. Good thing her reason didn’t desert her completely and she didn’t lose her head because of his sexy and handsomeness.

The temptation of a handsome was great, but she had an important mission to complete. She needed to find the Dream Spirit Pearl. The ancient time was the ruthless world of the strong. If she wanted to live in peace and prosperity, the Dream Spirit Pearl is a must.

Nangong Huo carried to the bath house. She was finally put down when they came in.

“My beloved princess, you seem very partial to male clothing,” he remarked.

She blinked at him before a realization hit her. “I-I know you like men, so I dress following your preferences…”

He frowned at her. “Who said I like men?”

She blurted out, “I guess because after being married for so long, you still haven’t touched me.”


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