Dream of Fuyao – Chapter 9


Chapter 9 – Let’s Go See the Stars


Murong Fuyao sighed inwardly. Heh! Unfortunately, other people fall in love, she had yet to experience it.

“My beloved princess, I’m bringing you to see the stars.”

Nangong Huo led a confused Murong Fuyao out of her room. The next second, he grabbed her waist and held her tightly as he lept to the tallest roof which was the study room. She was bewildered by his actions. After all, she was part of Nangong Lie’s faction – an undercover spy whose mission was to infiltrate Nangong Huo’s estate and steal the Dream Spirit pearl. That man ought to be a bit more suspicious of her, especially after catching her red hand lurking in the secret tunnel. He should even be angry at her.

Shouldn’t he be angry or find a reason to eliminate her? Contrariwise, he didn’t seem to care or show any such reactions. She had absolutely no idea what is going inside his mind.

“Is the starry sky beautiful?” he suddenly spoke.

“Yes, beautiful. Very beautiful!” She agreed with him.

His gaze fell on her body. “Its beauty doesn’t lose to yours.”

She was dumbfounded. Was he flirting with her?

Without giving her the time to respond, he kissed her.

Her first reaction was to push him away, but the thought vanished the next moment. Instead, she responded to his kiss and pressed him down on the rooftop. Nangong Huo’s thought process lagged a moment. However, he didn’t let himself be outdone by Murong Fuyao. He quickly took back control. He rolled and sent her below him as he smugly topped her. As a man, how could he allow himself to be pushed down by a woman?

He took hold of her wrists and pinned them above her head. He slightly raised his eyebrows while beaming at her a devilish smile. “My dear princess, if you want something, just say the words.”

Oi! You want this Miss to beg and I will beg?! Wouldn’t that be too shameful? But, fine! This is an exception. She just happened to want to taste how delicious that handsome man is.

As an 18-year-old girl who had yet had intimate contact with a man, she would not miss such an opportunity when she had no idea if she won’t be sent to another time and space the next moment. Let’s grab this golden opportunity to taste this man before it’s too late.

She was no little bird who relied on a tree. However, at that moment, she couldn’t help showing her shy side. “Milord, it’s cold here. Let’s go inside…”

“Let’s go down then.” He pushed himself off from Murong Fuyao and was about to get up.

Who knows if it wasn’t because of the material used, the construction process or simply too much force used, the roof collapsed under them and they took the most direct route into the study room.

As they fell, Nangong Huo flipped her up, switching position with her. She fell on top of him, free from any injuries. Unfortunately, the fall wasn’t kind for Nangong Huo. As he hit the floor, he let out a painful groan. She immediately sat up, but the next moment, she heard the sound of the marching guards coming outside and someone’s shout.


Following the shouting, the door of her bedroom was kicked open. At the entrance, stood many guards. When the captain of the guards saw Nangong Huo and Murong Fuyao, he froze a bit. Oops! It looked like he was disturbing his master’s fun time.

He fell on his knees at once and said in a very respectful tone, “This lowly subordinate, Huai Sheng, had heard a loud noise coming from the room and had rushed in without your consent. I beseech for your Highness’s forgiveness.”

In the meantime, Nangong Huo had got up. He raised an eyebrow, showing a displeased expression. He glared at Huai Sheng, who was his closest guard. He coldly spat out, “Send people to clean up the place now!” As soon he was done ordering Huai Sheng, he exited the room while bringing Murong Fuyao with him.

“Did my eyes play trick on me? I think I saw his Highness holding her Ladyship’s hand.”

“You saw it right. I felt that ever since his Highness returned from the borders, he had become someone else.”


Several guards started to gossip in a low voice until Huai Sheng yelled at them. “How bold of you to gossip about his Highness’ affairs!”


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