Dream of Fuyao – Chapter 8


Chapter 8 – I’ve Been Waiting For You For A Long Time


Murong Fuyao found a hidden mechanism under her bed which she pushed on it, and a secret door slowly opened under her bed. Without hesitation, she went down in a hurry. A flight of stairs appeared in front of her, mostly hidden by the pitch-black darkness. She took out a fire starter and blew on it to ignite it, shining a dim light to her surroundings.

She kept her guard up as she went down the stairs, afraid that a trap might suddenly activate. However, contrary to her expectation, nothing happened. It was an uneventful episode. When she reached the end of the stairs, a long tunnel awaited her. Carefully, she threaded through and discovered a dim light at the end.

She became overjoyed. That must be it! This must be where the Dream Spirit pearl is kept! Unfortunately for her, her joy was shortlived. What awaited her a the end of tunnel was not the halo of her desired pearl but the dim light of a candle held by her husband, Nangong Huo.

Nangong Huo walked to Murong Fuyao, towering her of his height as he looked down on her with the corner of his lips stretched into a fainted smile. “My dear, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

At this moment, his wife was frozen like a statue. She didn’t move. In fact, she didn’t dare to move because of the dangerous atmosphere.

Oh no! Busted! Am I going to be decapitated as punishment? She knew for certain she couldn’t beat Nangong Huo. It will be fine. This great lady still had her hypnotism techniques under her sleeve!

As soon her mind was settled, she tried to hypnotize Nangong Huo and erased his memories of tonight.

She took out a jade pendant and swayed it in front of Nangong Huo before reciting, “You are a pig. You are right now stuck… stuck in your pig den, unable to go out…”

She was not done yet when her hand was suddenly grasped. Nangong Huo closed in to her and slowly uttered, “This prince is a pig, then my dear lady is also a pig, no?”

She suddenly wanted to cry. Why did she encounter a man with such a strong will? Her hypnotism has no effect at all! At this point, she could only try to make things up in the hope she would be lucky enough to fool him.

“Milord, I…”

He interrupted her by pulling her toward him. “My dear consort, this place is used as an escape route. If things get dangerous in the future, be sure to use this tunnel to escape.”

Murong Fuyao gulped before answering, “Mm, I know.”

Inwardly, she was relieved. What is going? Why didn’t he investigate further the reason she came in here? In any case, all was good if she can preserve her small life. In ancient times, heads could be cut off quite easily.

After leaving the secret tunnel, Nangong Huo pressed the button to close the door again. He turned around and talked with Murong Fuyao, “You said you were feeling unwell, are you feeling better now?”

She smiled awkwardly. “ Eh… I’m much better now. When you came to me earlier, I was really unwell.”

Didn’t you go to the banquet? Why can you appear in that secret tunnel?

“My dear, are you thinking why this prince didn’t go to the banquet?” Nangong Huo’s eyes, like two abysses, watched her with affection. “We are a pair. If you don’t go then what is the meaning for me to go alone?”

She bit her lips unable to suppress a burning question, “Y-you… you’re not blaming me for going in that secret tunnel?”

Nangong Huo slightly raised an eyebrow. “You were simply a bit playful, so how can I blame you? You are my only family.”

When she heard his words, she was moved to the point she wanted to kneel in front of him. She was an orphan in the modern era and was still an orphan even in the ancient times. She had never known the warmth of a family. However, when it was said by a handsome man with a tender tone, the effect was devastating.


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