Dream of Fuyao – Chapter 12


Chapter 12 – You Are My First


Murong Fuyao didn’t know why she suddenly had so many questions and couldn’t stop herself from asking.

Nangong Huo chuckled. “Of course, you are the first one.”

His answer let her relaxed, and she finally dozed off. When she awoke, she found herself lying on his chest. When did they return to her bedchamber? Why didn’t she remember any of this? Although she was no longer a special agent, her mind was always in constant alert… Or so she thought. If Nangong Huo had malicious intent and decided to break her neck, she would be done for.

She tried to extricate herself discreetly from Nangong Huo’s embrace. However, at her light stir, he suddenly spoke. “It’s still early. Sleep with me a bit longer.”

It was still early, but she was no longer sleepy. Unfortunately, she had no choice but be obedient. After a while, it was time for Nangong Huo to get out of bed and attend the morning court. Without his presence, she went back to the secret tunnel, but she didn’t find the Dream Spirit pearl in there.

Several days passed by in peace and tranquility. During that period, Nangong Lie came to find her once to inquire about her progress.

At first, Murong Fuyao was still thinking using the cover of the night to investigate and go outside to have fun, but Nangong Huo upset her plans, dragging her to bed every night to attend him as his official bolster. She had transmigrated to this place for so long, but she had yet taken a step outside.

Then, one day, Nangong Huo told her he had some important matters to attend. She took that opportunity to slip out of the residence, tired of being cooped up.

As soon as she went out, she felt the freshness of the atmosphere outside. Dressed in white clothes, she was disguised as a serious and elegant gentleman.

When she strolled through the red-light district, a keen brothel proprietress stopped her. With great enthusiasm, she welcomed Murong Fuyao into her brothel. “This is my first time seeing you. Don’t be shy and come inside.”

Ever since she arrived in the ancient times, she had sometimes wondered what a genuine ancient whorehouse looks like.

Since someone welcomed her in, she strode in without hesitation. It didn’t look much different from how the television depicted it.

“Do you have a private room?” she asked.

“Yes. Of course, we have one. Please follow me upstairs.” The proprietress led Murong Fuyao to a private room on the second floor.

“Give me your best wine,” she threw generously a few banknotes on the table.

“Right away, Gentleman. Do you need a girl to keep you company?”

“No need.”

Where did she get the banknotes? From her dressing table. And a wealthy woman she was.

The waiters brought in the food and wine. As she was about to eat, she heard a familiar voice coming from outside her room. The voice continued and was heard coming inside the room next to her.

Her curiosity was piqued. Her full spy mode was triggered, and she had to eavesdrop.

Sitting inside the next room were Nangong Lie and his right-hand man, Li Lu.

“Murong Li and Yang Suyun still haven’t talk?” asked Nangong Lie.

“Their mouths are very tight. It has been two years, but not a useful word could be pulled out from them. Not even torture or threats could make them crack. We kept a close watch on them and had prevented them from committing suicide. They are the only one, except for Nangong Huo, to know the whereabouts of the Dream Spirit pearl. If they die, the trails will be broken,” reported Li Lu.


Squatted at the door of their room, she heard the whole conversation clearly. She frowned. Murong Li and Yang Suyun… Aren’t they the original Murong Fuyao’s parents? Didn’t they did in the fire two years ago? It turns out they weren’t dead but kidnapped and sequestered somewhere. Everything was a design of Nangong Lie?

She shivered at how treacherous that man was. On the surface, he appeared kind and good to her, but in fact, he was backstabbing her. There was no doubt the original Murong Fuyao was duped by his pretense.

When she was focused on eavesdropping, she felt someone patting her shoulder.


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