Chapter 7 – Prelude to Carnage (1)


Regardless if it was outside or inside the shop, ignorant people would rushed to help pull away those who got attack and end up being turn into zombies food, getting bite and eaten while alive, screaming as they fell to the ground until their neck completely snapped and their last breath expired.


Bai Ling’s eyes darkened at the sight of the carnage while her expression turned more and more solemn.

“Oh shit! This is fucking crazy! What’s going here?” The hip-hop boy watched the scene in shock. By reflex, he took out his cell to dial the police, but the next moment, the phone dropped to the ground because… his trembling fingers couldn’t held onto it as they were pointing at the rising and swaying figure of the man who had part of his neck chewed off. “He… He… He…”

Gruaghh! The monster loudly roared and pounced at the boy.

Terror softened the boy’s legs, causing him to slump on the the floor and watched as that thing pounced at him. Suddenly, his courage sprang out from who knows where. He grabbed his skateboard and swatted it at the monster, hitting it square on its head and breaking off what’s left of the neck. The impact sent the head rolling to the floor.

The head rolled to the boy while making gurgling sound. At close up, that face, which belong to a living person that had conversed with them, was now nothing more but the picture of malevolence.

“Ahhhhhh!” The boy let out a scream. He threw far away the head, then he turned around to look at the other monster. It moved despite the blood dripping out from a hole in its abdomen. The hole was wide enough for the boy to make out the red intestines inside. The monster didn’t seem to feel pain. Instead, it looked very excited.

‘Done! I’m done! Is this the end?’ The hip-hop boy was shaking with fear beneath his appearance. Then, he remembered about the woman that came with him. However, what reflected in his eyes was her cold expression that was devoid of fear. Her appearance showed extreme calmness as she dodged the renting shop boss who had transformed into a monster. After evading the attack, she immediately sent out a kick to block its mouth that still had some remains of his employee’s flesh. Afterward, she ran deeper inside the rental car shop.

‘This is completely unlike an atmosphere of oppressive terror brewed by bloodcurdling screams and chaos, it’s very nice, right? Who the heck is she? Why does it looks like a walk in a park even in the midst of man-eating zombie?!’

“Hey! Hey… Sister… Big Sister… Great aunt… Don’t leave me behind!” Subconsciously, the boy recognized Bai Ling as his life saving straw. He chased after her, but was suddenly attacked by a zombie that Bai Ling had cleared out of her way. Perhaps it was his survival instinct that kicked in, he promptly dodged the attack.

As for Bai Ling, she wasn’t in the mood to care about him or anyone because if she did care, she would have talk or shout about the apocalypse. However, would anyone believe her? Would anyone be grateful to her? Of course not, they would treat her as a lunatic!

Quickly, she got on a car, but as she was about to start the car, she saw the passenger door opened and the hip-hop boy swiftly jumped inside. He was still gasping for breath and was obviously still confused by the situation. The arms resting on the chair was still trembling.

His appearance was manifold better than hers when seeing the first time that kind of creepy man-eating monster.

Regardless, this car had no place for him. Bai Ling coldly snorted, “Get out!”

The hip-hop thought he heard wrong and was having auditory hallucinations.

“I don’t like repeating myself!” Bai Ling glanced at the rear mirror with her eyes glinting dangerously.

After experiencing the apocalypse more than a year and going through rebirth, she had stripped herself from most of her empathy and kindness. What’s more, she had become unable to trust anyone easily. Besides, there were so many cars in here, the selection wasn’t lacking, so why persisting on following her?


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  1. Tangerine says:

    This appears to be a repetition of an earlier chapter?


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