Chapter 8 – Prelude to Carnage (2)


The hip-hop boy had never experienced being at the other end of a reaper-like cold stare. The stare seemed to be imbued with darkness as it shifted to the roaming monsters outside the car. The hip-hop boy adamantly refused to get out of the car and tightly hugged the car seat, completely revealing his little devil nature. “No!”

Bai Ling narrowed her eyes. A cold feeling arose in her heart. She had no time to teach a child that was completely unrelated to her.

The hip-hop boy’s heart trembled. He hurriedly pointed in front. “That thing is coming!”

Bai Ling firmly stepped on the accelerator. BAM! Blood splattered on the hood while the fearless zombie was knocked far away. From her expression, it was clear that she was venting her anger on it. Then, she looked again at the boy through the rearview mirror.

The boy was thrust forward and knocked onto the car roof from the sudden acceleration and inertia. The pain caused him to loudly cry out.

“Don’t be noisy!”

Hearing the commanding tone, the boy still from anxiety. His tears continued to fall, but he didn’t dare to make a sound. Should he be thankful to that zombie sudden appearance which let him stay in the seat of this car?

But how can this woman be so cold-blood and unfeeling? Everyone was a citizen of China, but she had no problem telling him to get out of the car.

After observing the expression on the boy, Bai Ling frowned as she perfectly understood the thoughts swirling inside his mind. In the end, her gaze turned back to the front road. As for those inhuman things blocking her way, she had no shreds of kindness to spare and simply ran the car into them without care.

After they got out of the car rental shop, they saw numerous cars parking everywhere on the road. There were even some that had crashed into a pole or into a shop by the roadside. There were zombies sieging those cars and crawling inside through the windows while miserable shriek could be heard from within.

Naturally, with such ruckus, there were many people coming out from their houses. Perhaps, there were there as noisy bystanders or wanted to help out as a good samaritan, it didn’t matter since they ended up in the same situation as those trapped inside the cars; bitten by things that have lost their humanity and eaten until there was nothing but death to look forward to. However, regardless of who, all human bitten would be infected and transformed into zombies upon death.

As the boy took in the sight of the flock of monsters enjoying their banquet, he felt as if his supper was on the verge of spilling out from his mouth. Whereas, when Bai Ling saw the scene of carnage, she remained calm and kept an expressionless face. ‘It seems as if she is very used to such sight? Is this still the world as we know? How f*ck up!’

“We should hurry to the police station!” Although he had no idea what was going on, this situation must be report to the authorities. This was too horrible! “Whatever is going on with the situation tonight is too horrible. How can dead people turned into zombies?”

“More than half an hour has passed since it has started. Did you hear any police siren or ambulance?” Bai Ling didn’t look at him through the mirror. Her voice sounded cold to the ears. She was watching a someone screaming outside as their car passed by. She observed how he bleed after being bite and then, emerged as a new zombie joining the legions of undead. She glanced at his closed ones wailing as they ran away from him.

This is what she was familiar with, this is her world. A malevolent smile rose from her lips. “Welcome to the apocalypse!”

This time, her words reverberated very clearly in the boy’s ears. His body trembled like he was split by thunder. “The apocalypse? What apocalypse? Don’t tell me… t-that this situation isn’t occurring just here?”

Bai Ling didn’t reply to him. Didn’t it take people many days before slowly come to this realization in her last life? Thus, she had no hope for this youth to quickly come to term with this reality as of now. She looked at her cellphone with deep meaning.


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