Apocalypse rebirth + Arranged Marriage


Another mass of releases of Apocalypse Rebirth. With this, I’m officially stopping translating this teaser to focus on the main project instead.

Feel free to adopt AR: CDM if anyone want to translate it. For me, I know I won’t ever finish translating AR: CDM because the later part of the story is too much drama for nothing and I basically skip most of it to read the ending. I’m still keeping my eyes open for a better apocalypse novel with a strong female lead. If I find it, I will translate it as a side project.

Apocalypse Rebirth
Chapter 49
Chapter 50
Chapter 51
Chapter 52
Chapter 53
Chapter 54
Chapter 55

Arranged Marriage
Chapter 1

Arranged Marriage: The Unloved Princess Solves Cases (AM: TPSC)


This is a teaser for the main project. I decide to translate this novel because it is short, only 164 chapters. It’s not my most favorite amongst the list of potential TL projects since I find it a bit silly, but it can be completed in two years or so.

I’ll be working on finishing the teaser of Apocalypse Rebirth in March, so Arranged Marriage will be released after.

Enjoy the prologue in the meantime.

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