Dream of Fuyao – Chapter 1


Chapter 1 – Fuyao’s Dream


Spirit Pearl continent, South Moon country, Xuanji Mountain.

Murong Fuyao was on her swing. Her eyes were closed. She was enjoying the cool breeze on her face, but she didn’t appear pleased.

When she was trying to enjoy the breeze, a cheerful voice interrupted her. “Sixth Princess Consort, the meal is ready!”

Murong Fuyao opened her eyes slowly and jumped off the swing. This scared Liuli who shouted out, “Princess, your injury just healed!”

Murong Fuyao smiled faintly as she hooked Liuli’s shoulders. “Little Liuli, I’m not so weak. A little injury like this won’t hurt me much.”

It has been only a week since she arrived here.

Prior to that, she was sleeping on her bed… in modern times.

She remembered having a dream, a very long dream, and when she woke up, she was already in Xuanji Mountain.

Her life history was a repetitive cycle of survival. She was an orphan and grew up in an orphanage. At the mere age of 10, she had learned how to fend for herself. To survive and feed herself, she swindled and cheated people, doing nothing else but rinsed and repeated the process each day until one day, at the age of 12, she was noticed by an executive from a secret organization.

She was taken in and he trained her. Although the training was very tough, she was fed and given a shelter. Her life was much better compared to before. Survival wasn’t a problem anymore.

Her life still remained harsh in another way, and as she grew, she gradually climbed to one of the top position of the organization. At that position, she no longer needed to go on a mission regularly, accepting the mission she fancied from times to times was enough.

At last, she was about to enjoy the grand life she dreamed of. Unfortunately, before she could take the break she deserved, she transmigrated for some ungodly reasons to this forsaken place – Spirit Pearl Continent.

This wasn’t a place which existed in the long history of Earth.

Despite being sent into another world, her current appearance was identical to her original one. On the downside, she gained no memory from the previous owner of this body.

On the first day she transmigrated, she was confused and thought she was still dreaming. Then, on the second day, she had to accept the fact she had been sent to another world.

Surprisingly, her strange behavior didn’t alarm anyone. After investigating a bit, she learned from Liuli she was found injured at the foot of Xuanji Mountain by the mountain master, Yue Che. He brought her back and after she woke up, everyone thought she had amnesia due to her injuries.

She was a modern woman named Murong Fuyao by the old boss of the secret organization. It was quite out of her expectation her name would remain the same even in this world.

However, her current identity was the deceased General Murong’s orphaned daughter and the Sixth Prince’s princess consort.

She went from single to married in one night… She was a bit out of sort since romance has not even crossed her mind in all her 18 years of life.

“Sixth Princess, y-you shouldn’t be so careless…” Liu Li scowled. After the accident, the Sixth Princess has been acting more like they were siblings than master and servant. She really couldn’t get used to it.

Although Murong Fuyao was a secret agent, her innate nature was very laid-back, not to say roguish.

Her eyes squinted into slit as she smiled. “Little Liuli, don’t be so anal. Stop treating like a princess. You’re more like a big sister to me.”

As they reached the main room, she saw Yue Che dressed in white.

The first time she saw him, one description popped into her mind – bright as the moon. Even his name, which incorporated the character Moon, fitted him.

After they ate lunch, Yue Che told her, “Seven days ago, the Sixth Prince had led his troops to the borderland. I sent a bird messenger to him. If I am not wrong, he would be here to take you back tomorrow.”

She almost choked on that piece of fruit when she heard the news. She looked at Yue Che and timidly asked, “Can I not go back?”

“No can’t do,” he mercilessly vetoed.


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  1. silenthobby says:

    I’d love to read some light and fluffy short story, that’s why I will just give this one a try.

    Thank you translator 😍😍😍😍😍


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    What a nice Christmas present
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