Dream of Fuyao – Chapter 2


Chapter 2- Boss or Husband?


Murong Fuyao sighed. She felt so free on Xuanji Mountain. If she was to go back to the Sixth Prince’s residence, she would be shackled by countless rules and regulations for sure.

After pondering a moment, she begged Yue Che, “Gentleman Yue, can’t you give me a map of South Moon country? I want to take a look at it.”

She was planning to escape when the chance came, therefore she needed to gather more information on this place. She had yet to tour around this world, so how could she accepted being imprisoned in a birdcage like the Prince’s mansion.

With her great memory, she was able to quickly imprint into her mind the map Yue Che gave her.

When night came, she switched her clothes to black one and prepared herself to escape into the dark of the night.

She pushed opened the door lightly when she was ready.

“Sixth Princess, where do you want to go?” Yue Che stood outside of her room.

Murong Fuyao jumped back in fright. What the heck are you doing here at this hour?

She showed him an embarrassed smile. “Err… It was a bit stuffy inside, so I went out for some fresh air.”

Yue Che stared at the luggage on her shoulders. “Do you need so many things just to get some fresh air?”

She felt awkward as her lies don’t add up.

His expression remained unperturbed as he said, “Sixth Princess, his Highness will take you back tomorrow. If he cannot find you tomorrow, the blame will fall on me.”

After contemplating the problem, she understood she couldn’t harm Gentleman Yu by leaving tonight. Besides, this world followed ancient China’s customs, he might be decapitated if the imperial family wish for.

Therefore, she renounced to her escape plan.

On the next day, as Yue Che predicted, the Sixth Prince arrived.

She was a bit nervous, maybe anticipating a bit since it was the first time she met her husband. Her mood was complicated.

She wondered if her husband was handsome. What would she do if he was super ugly?

“Who are you?!” That was the first thing she blurted out when she saw her husband.

Dressed in black, the sixth prince, Nangong Huo towered over her with arrogance. One of his eyebrows rose as he heard her shout. “Yue Che told me you lost your memories. Did you really forget about me?”

The main problem wasn’t her memories. Could someone tell her why does her husband looked like her current boss?

Was he her boss or her husband?

After they left and went on the horse carriage, she glanced at him sneakily.

Suddenly, Nangong Huo said, “Princess, is this Prince this good-looking?”

Murong Fuyao was rendered speechless. The heck? Do you have a third eye? How do you know I was looking at you with your eyes shut?

She had to admit that he was indeed very handsome. His hair was tied up with a jade crown, revealing his intelligent and handsome countenance.

In her previous world, she had no occasion to be at such proximity to observe her boss face. Now, that she had the opportunity to observe a look-alike, so why not?

Concerning her boss, she had endless veneration for him. He made her curious because of his identity and his background were shrouded in mystery.

She saw that he still had his eyes shut. On the spur of the moment, she spoke out her thoughts. “Mm. Milord is very handsome.”

“Infatuated fool.” Nangong Huo spat out.

She was a bit shocked that he would say that.

Hey, this Miss still have some dignity left!

She really wanted to beat him up, but unfortunately, the disparity between their strength was too much. Besides, she didn’t want to act rashly in an unknown situation.

The Sixth Prince’s estate was as she expected – lavished with gold and jade decorations. It was beyond luxurious. It was grand and high-class.

Well, it was the residence of the almighty Sixth Prince.

From the information she gleaned from Liu Li, the current Emperor, Nangong Shu, was Nangong Huo’s little brother who was born from the same parents. However, both brothers were the complete opposite of the other. If the Emperor was a cultured scholar with a love for the four arts, which were zither, Go, calligraphy and painting, and harbored political strives, Nangong Huo preferred to waddle in the dirt of the political arena.


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