AR: CDM Chapter 33


Chapter 33 – She Isn’t a Philanthropist


Was Sister Bai Ling the same as anyone else? Perhaps, she was one of her kind. It was impossible for Bai Xiaoxi to crush those people’s hope like she did. He raised his head and looked at her. It appeared that she had the same idea as he did.

By coincidence, Bai Ling looked back at Bai Xiaoxi. As she thought, that child was very sensible. He would be less of a problem later on.

“Since you aren’t here to save us, what did you come here for?” A young man finally realized. His expression was now full of vigilance.

“I’m here to buy things, that’s all.” Bai Ling took out her credit card. At present, those people still held the mentality of living in an era of peace, so Bai Ling wasn’t keen on killing them.

The outbreak had just began yesterday, so no one knew money would become obsolete in the future. Since it was the case, why not take advantage of it and burst through her credit card limit?

When the young man heard her, he asked back, “What do you want?”

If it was something reasonable, he could provide it to her.

Everyone returned to their resting spotting. Some continued to observe her while others closed their eyes with disdain. It was obvious they were angry at her because she had the strength but refused to save them.

Bai Ling didn’t give a damn what they thought about her. So what if they exploded in anger? Wasn’t human nature like that? Taking for granted that people must save them, and when people don’t, they get offended.

Hahaha! Those people are too funny. She wasn’t a philanthropist and had no ambition to be the world’s savior. That bunch of people were nothing but deadweight. How could she survive if she had to drag a bunch of troubles? She had no intention to die prematurely.

“I need gasoline, food and some daily necessities. Right… some clothes too!” While she spoke, she took a shopping cart. “Bai Xiaoxi, bring me those containers and put the gasoline inside.” She suddenly remembered something and looked at herself – stained with grime and gore from head to toes. She scowled. “Since this place had a live-in room for employees, do you have a shower?”

With the current situation, was it the time for any woman to be conscious of their appearance? There were still many grotesque monsters hitting on the store entrance!

“I can give you double the money!” Bai Ling added since the young man didn’t respond.

“There is a shower. Wait a bit, I’ll bring you there.” As expected, money was still a good enticement. The young man was all smile. Next, he turned to the tender Bai Xiaoxi who stood behind them. “Little Bro, there is another container of gasoline outside, but I don’t dare to go outside alone. Let’s go together.”

Bai Xiaoxi looked at Bai Ling who was shopping, then he nodded at the young man before following him.

The instant noodles took up most of the shopping cart. Although they need water, cooking them won’t necessitate lots of effort and resources. She hoarded the beef flavor and grabbed the high caloric chocolate bars, candies, cookies and long-lasting pastries.

Of course, she didn’t forget about water. Drinkable water was a must to have because the water outside, especially rivers were either already polluted or contaminated.

As she told Bai Shan before, the zombies were the carriers and source of infection of the GD virus. It was highly probably some would be in contact with rivers somehow. Although, the water would dilute the concentration of the virus, drinking even a small quantity would cause some adverse effects. People won’t turn into zombies, but they would mutate into another kind of inhuman thing.


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