AR: CDM Chapter 34


Chapter 34 – Mister’s Smile


Except for metahumans, who already have viral antibodies against the GD virus, the rest of humanity would be a risk when infected.

Earlier, when Bai Ling saw the few huge water container at the gas station, she knew those contained drinkable water.

She was shopping when suddenly her steps halt in front of an aisle which contained baby products, powdered milk, clothes and others necessities. The expression in her eyes became gentle. Although Little Meatball wasn’t her child, she loved that little guy no less. She couldn’t stop buying all kinds of things for him and spoiling him.

Unfortunately, those things are not suitable to bring on the road, and the journey had just started. She might find better maternity stores on her way.

Since her cell phone batteries had depleted from using video conference too much, she had to disconnect with Bai Shan and resorted to text messaging to preserve what’s left of the battery until she could charge it somewhere.

She sighed and continued to the back of the convenience store where the clothes for women are. Most of the clothes she took were practical and simple – long sleeves shirt, t-shirt, pants and shorts.

She looked down at her shoes and went to the sneakers. Although none was to her taste, she didn’t care as survival was her first priority. She would gather better goods when she had the possibility.

“Big Sis, I filled them. Are five enough?” At that moment, Bai Xiaoxi came back all excited.

“Come here and pick some clothes.” She didn’t turn back, busied choosing her clothes. Her choice settled on a long sleeve shirt and pants.

“Oh!” He walked to her.

She was about to go wash her face but happened to see a relaxed and contented Bai Xiaoxi. Her pupils shrank a bit and questioned him coldly, “Where is your sword?”

“Huh?” He looked back and saw his empty hands. He laughed in embarrassment while scratching his head. “I was busy with the gasoline containers, so I forgot the sword.” As soon as he spoke those words, he felt the atmosphere around Bai Ling turning cold. When he saw her like that, his no-care attitude underwent a big reversal. His heart throbbed in fear as he tried to articulate, “B-Big Sis… I-”

“Do you think this is still the peaceful modern era?” Who knew what kind of danger can hide at the turn of a corner?

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!” He was a clever boy, so how can he not understand Bai Ling’s meanings? He reacted promptly and immediately turned to go where he left the sword.

“Bai Xiaoxi, remember that losing your weapon no matter the time or place only meant death!” She admonished him sternly.

“I will remember. There will not be a second time!” He shouted loudly. He was also angry at his carelessness. How important and powerful was that weapon! What if people took it? Where could he find another weapon like that if he lost it?

Outside, unseen by the people inside the gas station, three blacks drove in at great speed.

At that moment, an angelic face was reflected on the car window. The gentle eyes were staring at the outside. The same expression gentle expression seemed etched on his face. He slowly retracted his gaze.

That latest model silver Land Rover and those zombies’ corpse on the ground… The corner of his mouth tugged into a faint smile. The warm in his eyes vanished. He looked to the front, but he didn’t seem to look at anything in particular.

The middle-aged bearded Chauffeur glanced at his rear mirror and caught a glimpse of the smile on the out-of-this-world face of his employer. He became curious about what Mister was smiling for?


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  1. TomboyGirlPlayer says:

    Thanks for the chappie!~ MC, run! I don’t want you meeting this guy yet!


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