AR: CDM Chapter 35


Chapter 35 – I Will Cover You This Time


After washing, changing clothes and eating breakfast, Bai Ling and Bai Xiaoxi were ready to hit the road.

Bai Xiaoxi scowled as he looked at the crowd. It might be because they were now clean, so the people didn’t keep retreat into the corner like before. Yet, no one expressed their wish to leave.

Since no one mentioned, he would not start the subject. He was clear where he stood. He was still relying on Bai Ling. Since she didn’t had any intentions in bringing those people, he would not seek for troubles and ended up being abandon by her again.

Anyway, he didn’t care much about the others and had no sympathy for them. He also had his own selfishness. He always had a feeling things might get messier the larger the group was. Besides, the main reason Bai Ling was on the road was to rescue her family. If she brought with her all those tag-alongs, won’t they mob all the zombies in the vicinity?

Bai Ling saw through his thoughts. She remembered how she got along with those people when she came out of the shower. He did propose for them to leave and take some weapons to kill the zombies. However, he never mentioned having them coming with her.

It made her wonder about Bai Xiaoxi’s identity. What kind of family had the skills to teach such a boy to have that much cleverness and vision?

What people would no adhere to certain societal norms – being sympathetic and altruist? This world had barely been usher into the apocalypse, not many have understood that acting kind blindly would only harm oneself.

When reality settled in, like a natural selection, it would clean off all those hypocritical people who flaunted their righteousness and morality.

Some people who naively think that this wasn’t fair, but when has the world been fair? If you want equality, use strength to speak – be more strong, more clever or more sly. Don’t wait to be exterminated as the weaker one.

Didn’t she end up dying because she gave in to sympathy? She died of a worthless death.

She paid everything with her credit card and turned to Bai Xiaoxi who was chatting with a child. She reminded him with her cool tone, “Bai Xiaoxi, let’s go!”

Bai Xiaoxi was sad, but he still smiled and waved goodbye at the little kid. His heart was heavy, but he didn’t know the reason. He looked at Bai Ling who was pushing the shopping cart. His lips moved, but he didn’t say anything in the end.

Bai Ling knew what he wanted to say. She once was like him. She looked at the little girl smiling sweetly at them, and her heart throbbed.

In her previous life, how much she liked those pure-like little girls, but her fondness didn’t spare her from being swindled by one of them. The hard-earned food and level 3 zombie nucleus she got from fighting to an inch of her life with a level 3 zombie were snatched away by that little girl. What was more, that little devil colluded with other people to overtake her living place. She threw herself into the trap with open arms. They cheered her so much when she fought the zombies that she became zealous and hacked the monsters until late into the evening. At that time, she made a careless move and a zombie drilled a hole into her shoulder. If she wasn’t already a metahuman with fire ability, she would have directly joined the rank of zombies.

What happened later? She killed them all.

She would always remember that moment when her blade rests on that little girl’s neck. The child begged and said that she was forced by the adults to do so. However, she had noticed a person behind aiming his gun at her. If she had let down her guard at that time and hesitated to finish off the girl, there would have been a hole in her brain.

“I will cover you this time.” Bai Ling opened the lock and watched the sinister zombies with patches of necrotic flesh and coagulated blood twisting their ugly face at her.


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