AR: CDM Chapter 36


Chapter 36 – I Will Absolutely Not Let You Get Injured


Her words caused Bai Xiaoxi to feel even more pressure. He saw that she had obviously no intention in helping him unless necessary. He swallowed his saliva with difficulty as his grip on his sword became tighter. He could feel that if his performance this time wasn’t up to Bai Ling’s standard, he would lose the possibility to stay by her side from here on.

“Can you do it?” She had already opened the entrance’s lock. However, she didn’t open the door, pushing on it to keep it shut, keeping at bay the frenzy zombies behind. Her strength was such that the door remained shut, not moving a single jot.

The young staff was startled at the sight. He stood there dumbstruck, staring at the opened lock. The lock is really opened. Then, his gaze shifted to the woman who held the door. She was wearing a grey long sleeve shirt. Her now cleaned face revealed delicate features with fair skin. Yet, her expression remained as icy as when she first came.

His heart could only grieve. That woman had such great abilities. If only she could lead them to safety, it would be good. Unfortunately, she was unfeeling and cold-blooded. He couldn’t perceive any sense of duty or comradeship from her.

For Bai Xiaoxi, Bai Ling’s presence was his pillar of security. Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to nod heavily. “I will absolutely not let you get injured!”

Bai Ling faced him and saw the determination and calm in his eyes.


The door sounded as she swung it opened. In a flash, she retreated a few steps.

Aaaah!” The young convenience store staff yelled in fear because more than a dozen zombies tried to squeeze through the door of the store. A few more screams were heard, and some people even started to curse at Bai Ling in anger.

Fortunately, only one door was opened, so not all the zombies could come in.

Bai Xiaoxi let out a big shout as he raised his sword and aimed the zombies that came in.

At that moment, a cold voice could be heard behind him. “Don’t be afraid. Their movements are not as fast as you think. Watch carefully. Study them. Find their weakness like the neck. Once you see the flaws, slash at it, but be precise. Of course, at all time, you must be mindful of your distance. Too near, their claws will tear you. Too far, you won’t be able to reach them. No matter which methods you use, never ever let them near you!”

His heart that was beating madly suddenly settled after he heard her. He followed her teachings and observed the monsters. And, sure enough, the zombies’ speed was slower than he thought.

He stared at their neck with a keen interest. Then, he raised his sword.

Swiish! Splurt!

The neck was neatly sectioned and fell onto the floor. Did he just get rid of one like that?

Compare to cut open their head, it was easier to behead them. In addition, the zombies didn’t even spend a single second protecting their neck.

A bloody hand suddenly appeared in his vision. He reacted quickly and swung his sword, cutting down the hand. The next second, a zombie pounced at him with a wide opened mouth on his left. He failed to escape it and his sword would not reach the zombie’s head in time.

Suddenly, he had a flash. He remembered Bai Ling’s awesome appearance when she sent out her kick. His body reacted naturally as he had some martial arts foundation. He thrust his foot to the left. It came in contact with the zombie. The momentum and power applied were enough to floor the zombie.

This could only be possible due to his youthful vigor coupled with a body shaped by martial arts and parkour. His reflex were very good and his speed didn’t lose to any adult.

Bai Ling noticed he had slowly entered combat mode. She followed behind him as he opened the road. As she passed through the door, her eyes lowered pensively. It appeared that Bai Xiaoxi’s abilities had reached a new level. Yet, that boy didn’t even seem to realize it.

The group in the store stared dumbstruck at the two people leaving this safe haven for the infernal hell like Ashura. They swallowed their saliva subconsciously before looking at each other. Someone people had the sudden urge to leave with them. However, when they saw the sinister monsters hitting on the windows and doors, they shrank back in fear.


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