AR: CDM Chapter 37


Chapter 37 – Big Sis, I Want to Always Follow You


Due to the movement inside, they attracted many zombies. It didn’t take long after their leave to be surrounded by a crowd of undead.

Bai Xiaoxi could smell their foul breath, a mix of rot and blood, as they roared. The stench assailed his nose and their screams hurt his ears. Face with a horde of more than 20 vile undead creatures which knew no pain nor fatigue, he should be terrified, anxious or eager to escape.

However, his mind was unperturbed. There were only determination, calculation and a hint of excitement.

He could feel behind him that person remaining calm as she ran to their car. Her existence was the pillar of his world, giving him courage and peace of mind. With her at his side, he knew he would be alright.

It was a very strange feeling. He had no idea how that certitude came to be.

Bai Ling got into the car safely and started it. It was the signal. Without waiting for her to speak, he kicked away the nearest zombie and jumped in the car, ending the current fight.

With great timing, Bai Ling stepped on the accelerator and smashed into the zombies, breaking through their encirclement. Blood splattered and many bodies were mangled. She switched gear quickly. The car reversed. Then, the tired shriek on the asphalt as she sped forward.

Bang! Thump! She knocked out four or five zombies.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaoxi put on his seatbelt successfully. Bai Xiaoxi switched the windshield on to wipe out the gore obstructing her view. Unfortunately, there were traces remaining.

“Do you have any place you want to go?” She drove at high speed while looking at the system navigation from time to time.

“No.” He said without hesitation. Then, he glanced at Bai Ling and found she wasn’t looking at him. In addition, she didn’t seem inclined to ask further. Bai Xiaoxi beamed at her a sunny and youthful smile for some reasons. “Bis Sis, I want to always follow you!”

Bai Ling continued to look ahead. Her taciturn attitude was the same as before. How long his “always” would last? Who could guarantee that his words won’t change later?

At the beginning of the apocalypse, groups would be formed and bonds created. However, even the most determined person would betray others for their own benefits.

At that moment, the phone rang. Bai Ling took the call. An old voice filled with anxiety could be heard. “Ling, listen to Grandma carefully. You absolutely must not go out. Something happened and it’s very big. Remember our village’s Aunt Pan, Uncle Yao and Ming’er? They… They… They became monsters and started to eat people. It’s very awful. Last night, people were bitten to death, and the next morning, they resurrected and started eating people. Right now, the whole village is chaotic, and… and your uncle went out with several brothers from the police. He still hasn’t come back yet. Ling, the world has changed. Grandma is old and is useless. I don’t have many days left to live. So, don’t worry about me. Since you live in the big city, I don’t know how many people have turned into man-eating monsters, but since it is a big city, I am sure there are also many powerful people. You are a very smart girl. I have no doubt you will find a way to stay with those people. In any case, you must not act recklessly because you’re worried about the village. You hear me?”

When she heard the grave tone in her grandma’s voice, she knew Bai Shan must have said something to their grandma during the time she was charging her phone.

“Grandma, does Uncle have a phone?” Damn it! How could she forget about that incident? She hoped her uncle would be fine like her previous world. “Didn’t I tell you before not to go out?”


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