AR: CDM Chapter 38


Chapter 38 – Grandma Wants You to Live


“That kind of disaster happened, so Grandma’s brother, Big Grandpa, took the lead and your uncle…”

“If he is the leader, then why didn’t he ask his son to go find the police?” Bai Ling gritted in anger. In her previous life, she witnessed who pushed her grandma and had etched the sight in her memory.

Although she couldn’t see her grandma, Li Dongmei, the other’s voice let her pictured an old tear-stained face. They sent her son away to venture in a world where most humans had turned into monsters. How could anyone wish for their own child to face such things?

A single bite could turn the bravest into a beast – one that fed on their brethren until their brains were smashed.

Not to mention, their horrific appearance coupled with a mouth that could bite off someone’s neck.

If Li Dongmei didn’t witness the scene yesterday night, she wouldn’t be as scared as she was right now. After snapping out of the shock, the first thing she did was to call Bai Ling. Although Bai Shan told her many things yesterday, she had no way to imagine how the thin Bai Ling could contend with horrible monsters like that.

Living in the village for so long, everyone pretty much knew everyone. Big Grandpa’s child had been scared to the point he lost all reasons. As for the others, forget them. They were in the same state of mind. This only left her son. How could she find a reason to stop her son from going?

“In any case, don’t worry about us and you absolutely must not come to find us!” They were currently separated by two provinces. The distance separating was great. Considering this was no longer safe to travel, the journey would be fraught with dangers.

Despite the world changing into a dangerous one filled with man-eating monsters, Li Dongmei still believed people would organize to create safe havens for the survivors.

However, no one knew those man-eating monsters would evolve in the near future. At that moment, their strength would multiply, becoming ten times stronger than an ordinary human. Besides, the zombies, humans would no only need to fight against mutated beasts but also against their own kind.

Li Dongmei broke into tears and sobbed as she was done warning Bai Ling. She was worried about Bai Ling, but also about Bai Shan. Although Bai Shan’s husband was a soldier, Bai Shan had lost contact with him, leaving her a lone woman to fend against monsters while having a five-month-old child with her. How could she handle it?

She repressed her cries and said urgently, “Ling, remember Grandma’s words. Find people and follow them to a safe place. Afterward, stay there. Don’t go anywhere until outside is safer. If your uncle survives, he will go find you there. This time, you cannot act carelessly, do you hear me? I beg you, stay safe. You must live!”

Bai Ling wanted to reply, but the call suddenly disconnected. Her grandma must have hung up to call Bai Shan. Their sisters were their grandma’s heart and soul. She believed her grandma would gladly give up her life if this could keep their siblings alive.

At that moment, Bai Xiaoxi was extremely quiet. He was silent but his eyes were filled with sorrow. He understood Bai Ling’s grandma. That elder seemed to knew her life was coming to an end soon. However, he didn’t know if she would get to die of old age or fall under the monsters’ fangs.

He also started to understand why Bai Ling cried before. To have relatives that care for you even at a dire time like this – hoping for your survival no matter the ordeals – was very heartwarming.

Unfortunately, they were already on their journey to the village.


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