AR: CDM Chapter 39


Chapter 39 – Three Days and Three Nights of No Rest


They sped up through a highway littered by corpses and many damaged cars. Three days quickly passed by. Their drive was punctuated by frequent stops to clear the road of small crowds of zombies. During that time, Bai Ling encouraged Bai Shan to go out to kill zombies and hoard food. Although Bai Shan had food in her house, it was far from enough.

Unfortunately, Bai Shan didn’t do so. She was too worried to leave her child alone in the house. What if something happened while she was away?

During the frequent video calls, Bai Xiaoxi became acquainted with Bai Ling’s nephew. Their interactions were stress-free as if the world has not ended yet and they were not driving without a break, running away from zombies.

At that moment, Bai Xiaoxi was looking at the highway jammed packed with many cars. He looked back and saw there were countless cars within a radius of over 100 meters. He looked in front and saw the toll booth set before the road leading out the province with its broken sign.

Suddenly, someone screamed, ran out of the car and left. He turned to Bai Ling, but as usual, her expression showed a legendary calm.

In fact, Bai Ling didn’t get surprised since she knew in advanced the situation at the provincial toll booth. In her previous world, she also escaped through this place, taking the highway to the toll booth only to discover it crowded with people. It should be expected since most people would take this road to escape, so the situation would become like this.

At first, there weren’t many cars here neither people, but after three days, the news of the outbreak spread on the internet and was broadcast on radio, this place had become a gathering place. That’s right. The area around the toll booth had become an established safe area.

It was also like that in her previous life. At that time, she naively thought her country was quite powerful to be able to react so quickly in time of crisis and set up a safe area for the citizens. At present, she understood the outbreak of the GD virus was no secret to the upper echelons of the country. They were already prepared for the inevitable and it was the reason they could respond so quickly while the normal citizens were still struck with confusion and terror.

In her last life, she stayed in the city for a long time because of the great number of zombies and also because she had witnessed countless people dying while trying to reach a safe area. Therefore, she took a passive stance and waited. She waited until she became strong enough to break through the herd of zombies. At that time, she had become a metahuman.

There are many roads that lead to this safe area. As they drove nearer, more cars joined in. With so many cars, as long as there is one accident, the circulation would become completely paralyzed. Everyone would then become a sitting duck and the death toll would be no less than half of the humans here.

Fortunately, they came at a good time and the circulation on the highway was still normal. Although, it won’t be long before they will be stuck in traffic since there was only this road leading out of the province in this direction.

It might take one week before they could reach the next province at best. Since it was impossible to leave this province in a short time, she had no choice but to make a halt at a small town to replenish her food and supplies, enough for the rest of their journey.

During their drive, they encountered other people and, at times, drove alongside. Although, they never joined up with the others.

“Big Sis, you hadn’t rest for three days and three nights. How about we find a place and… rest a bit?” He looked at her bloodshot eyes and timidly suggested her to rest. In fact, he could drive a car. However, the world wasn’t safe anymore and many things could happen on the road, like zombies throwing themselves in front of the car, not to mention the roads outside the city were many times more complicated.

Last time, they encountered a herd of zombies big enough to almost block the road.

“We will take a rest tonight.” If they can pass through this province, they would arrive shortly to her hometown. However, before they could do so, the world would witness the advent of the primary zombies.

Fortunately, Bai Ling could still maintain communication with her family. Bai Shan was still safe and her Grandma’s home didn’t lack any food because they lived in a rural farming village which also meant there weren’t many zombies roaming around.


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