AR: CDM Chapter 40


Chapter 40 – Why Didn’t Your Son Die Instead?


Bai Shan is a mother, therefore when she goes to the groceries store, she would buy enough for 10 days.

Bai Ling had already told her Grandma that their food cannot be given freely to anyone since the world had changed and foods have become precious. She also told Bai Shan to take care. Hopefully, she could reach Bai Shan’s home within 12 days if nothing unexpected happens.

Since her grandma learned she was out there braving the dangers to come back, the old woman kept weeping in fear and worry for her granddaughter. To reassure her, she sent her fighting videos to her grandma which shocked the later. Although her grandma stopped urging her to stay in a safe place, she would call her more often to make sure she was all right and prayed to God for her safety.

Yesterday, her uncle, Li Zhenghao finally returned safe and sound. Unfortunately, all those brothers who went with him had died under the zombies’ bite.

Although Li Dongmei, her grandma, didn’t think much about it, Bai Ling remembered this event would spark many families’ enmity toward her uncle. When she was on the phone with her grandma yesterday, she heard arguments in the background and someone shouting, “Why didn’t your son die instead? Why it has to be my son?”

Ever since Li Zhenghao’s return, she had yet spoken with him. However, based on his personality, she knew he must blame himself for their deaths, tormented by guilt and sorrow.

The world people knows has ended, and death has become a normal occurrence. Since everyone is an adult and chose to go out, they must know danger lurks everywhere.

Besides, those families’ sons went out by their own volition. Now, they are dead; you want to blame others?

Suddenly, she noticed Bai Xiaoxi wanted to say something to her. She urged him in a low voice, “Stop muttering, just tell me what you want.”

Yesterday was the last day she could talk to her family because, at 8 AM today, the whole country was plunged in a blackout. No more electricity. However, she had prepared herself. She charged all her electronic devices and found some alternative chargers.

“Big Sis, are you angry that I upload on the internet the situations we encountered on the road?” Bai Xiaoxi had lost his mobile phone early on and was now using one of the phones Bai Ling had taken from the mobile store.

When there was still electricity and internet yesterday, he was surfing on the net, reading comments and cries of help. Except for the few bold ones who left for the safe area, who knows how many are still alive and staying at home using the internet while the world outside went on fire?

At that moment, Bai Xiaoxi was bored looking at the repetitive comments of sarcasm. Some rub him the wrong way, so in a moment of anger, he uploaded the video of Bai Ling fighting off zombies. Only her back was seen clearly, but it made her appear like the world savior. Dressed in gray sportswear, she fought valiantly while her sword flashed around her. Her moves were sharp and accurate. Her figure seemed to dance like a valkyrie amongst the terrifying undead, beheading the zombies neatly at each step. She continued to advance unimpeded and undaunted.

Although the video was only a few seconds, it was enough for everyone to be awed by it.

Her actions seemed as if it was telling people, “See, zombies aren’t scary. It’s easy to kill them.”

This video gave many people the courage to go out and brave the dangers in seek of an established safe area.

In fact, Bai Xiaoxi didn’t plan to upload the video at first. The reason he was surfing the internet is to find out the origin of the copper-colored sword, but things happened and he ended up uploading the video.

What spur his curiosity originally was the small characters inscribed on the sword. At first, he only noticed a strange inscription which turned out to be the character for Moon. However, because of the copper color of the sword, he didn’t notice another overlapping character until Bai Ling pointed it out. Together, the characters formed the name of the sword – Half-Moon.


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