AR: CDM Chapter 41


Chapter 41 – The Godly Sword


He had never heard of a famous sword called Half-Moon. After searching through the internet, he was still back to square one. So, he diverted his attention to Bai Ling’s sword. Unexpectedly, he also found characters engraved on the hilt – Divinity!

The writing might be dated back in ancient time since it used cuneiform characters.

He couldn’t decipher much out of the rest of the characters engraved on it. The sword itself looked, unlike usual ancient China’s swords. From a distant, it looked more like a big knife than a sword.

He tried but also couldn’t find any information pertaining Divinity. It didn’t matter much since Bai Ling could use it without a problem.

So, while he was looking up at the swords information, he stumbled upon a group discussion about the zombies in a forum. Each reply was as stupid as the others. The more he read the more annoyed he got. In a fit of anger, he registered an account and sent out Bai Ling’s videos, causing the current explosive reactions.

“Don’t post anymore!” She didn’t like the reactions her video aroused as she didn’t want her skills to be completely exposed. In this world, the less hidden cards you have the more dangerous it would be.

“Okay.” If she wasn’t coincidentally turning her back last time, she might have been exposed. If people were to recognize her, they will try to tag along and treat her as a convenient Messiah.

This time, he understood this could put them into trouble, so he had promptly deleted the video he uploaded. Unfortunately, too many people had shared it.

Bai Xiaoxi recognized his actions were driven by selfishness. He also wanted people to talk nonsense. At least, he had the decency to tell them where to go and advised them to get out of the city. As for if they believe it or not, that wasn’t his problem.

“I will not go online from now on.” Electricity was now a scarce resource so he won’t waste it on flaming a bunch of desperate people. Then, he came to a realization and became stunned for a moment. He looked out of the window and watched their car take the exit off the highway. “Big Sis, is there another blockage?”

“No. There is something we need to do first.” This was a onetime opportunity to get everything they need. Afterward, she might no longer stop at another city until she gets home.

Bai Xiaoxi looked back and glanced at the pile of things they had hoarded in the backseat. Everything was neatly placed in an organized manner. There wasn’t much place left to put in more things.

After Bai Ling exited the highway and turned an intersection, three black cars reached the place she just left at full throttle.

The middle-aged bearded chauffeur glanced at the backseat of the car the same way Bai Xiaoxi did. However, what he was looking at was an angel-like man holding an iPad instead of a pile of supplies.

“Mister, you were right again!”

The man had a faint smile but continued to look at the news on his iPad. Then, his eyes narrowed when he saw a greatly popular topic. His long and slender fingers uncurled and pressed on it. A video played when he opened it.

Oopsie! It looked like, unknowingly, Bai Xiaoxi had revealed their itinerary to that man.

Although Bai Ling had driven days and nights, compared to the other groups, their lack of manpower had forced them to slow down.

This man had no idea Bai Ling came from the future. However, fate had put them on each other road.

Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard. The car shook and went off route.

The man slid from one end to another. Despite the violent shaking, his eyes remained glued to the screen. On it, a silhouette surrounded by zombies dashed left and right, avoiding lithely zombies’ claws. He couldn’t see her face, but her fair jaw was a glaring sight in this ugly scene.

Although the situation in the video could be described as dangerous, the protagonist of the video continued to fight valiantly with the precision of a machine. Each move fatally hit the weakness of the monsters. This caused the man’s eyes to sparkle with amazement.


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