AR: CDM Chapter 32


Chapter 32 – Too Horrible To Think About It


It was unexpected the situation degenerated to the point a fight would be inevitable. Suddenly, someone stood up and rushed in the middle and tried to mediate both sides.

“Don’t be impulsive! The situation had changed to this point and you still want to fight? Let’s have a good talk instead,” he shouted loudly.

Bai Ling was ready to make a move. Although she wouldn’t kill them, those people needed to be taught a lesson. At the last moment, the one who tried to mediate was the father of the little child. He was a man in his thirties. He had glasses and the suit he wore was stained with blood. From the presentation of the blood stains, he must have killed zombies and escaped with his life.

She was quite surprised his words actually stopped those people from acting irrational.

She squinted her eyes and observed the man. His words had lots of weight in those people’s heart.

In any case, the atmosphere inside the store could not be gloomier.

At that moment, the entrance has been barricaded again, keeping the zombies outside.

Bai Xiaoxi blinked and wiped his forehead full of sweats and zombies’ blood. He was still gasping for air while watching the situation falling into a deadlock. His mouth curled up into a faint smile which made him looked more cute than impressive. “Oh? What is going?” he asked with ridicule in his tone.

There is an expression that said do not hit a smiling person. Although Bai Xiaoxi wasn’t as powerful as Bai Ling, those could see that boy had no fear against those monsters. The atmosphere suddenly became less heavy with his interruption.

“We are not sent by the Government. As you can see, there are many people who had turn into monsters, and anyone bitten will also turn into one of them. The number of people infected is also countless. Right now, we don’t have a clear idea of the situation. It might be possible that the Prime Minister or the person in charge had turned into a monster. I would like to warn you that the man-eating monsters are not exclusive to this place. In fact, this has spread to the whole world.” Bai Ling looked at the crowd as she spoke. At first, she had no intention to tell them this. She was planning to take the things she needs and leaves, but those people weren’t veteran that had lived during the apocalypse. They still had the mentality of pre-apocalypse despite the situations degenerating ever since last evening. Even the army had yet to stabilize their internal situation and even with the help of the army, it was not possible to settle all the citizens. Therefore, Bai Ling explained the current situation to help alleviate the heavy atmosphere.

However, her words got the contrary effect of what she wanted. The store was filled with heavy silence as some people turned ashen. They lost hope and their heart gave birth to despair.

It was only yesterday, but the world had changed beyond their cognition. They knew that this hiding place was only a temporary shelter. Hence, they were full of hope when people came.

However, Bai Ling had crushed their hope with her words.

The man with glasses shook his head. “How can it be? We are citizens of this country and proper taxpayers. Now that the situation is so dire, they must have dispatched troops to come to our aid, or at least a group made of people like that young lady, no?”

“Right! As long as we wait here, they will come to us!” The man’s words fell in line with the thoughts of the rest of the crowd.

“At least, we have food here and it’s safe too,” said a fearful girl.

Since Bai Ling didn’t want to save them, they would wait for the people from the Government instead. In their mind, it was impossible for the country to abandon them.

Seeing the crowd of people like that, Bai Xiaoxi, who was standing behind Bai Ling, frowned. If he didn’t see those bodyguards at the auction house turning into zombies, he would have also believed the Government will come to save him just like those people. If the bodyguards could become zombies, the soldiers might have the same fate. If one didn’t become a monster, one might end up as zombies food.

Besides, soldiers usually slept many in the same room. If one turned into a zombie and bite his roommate… Bai Xiaoxi took a deep breath at the horrible thought. The more he thoughted, the more he felt this world had already spiraled down to hell.


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  1. Bloodcress04 says:

    Wow! Thanks for the update!! 😘

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  2. YuiYui says:

    Uhh… Why come in? I really didn’t see a point in her making an appearance inside when they could’ve stolen another car and made their journey… sorry but it’s annoying to see ppl like this talking and refusing to accept things as it is. I feel like the MC is putting herself though this for no reason at all…


    • Grenn says:

      transferring everything from one car to another is a pain and she needs clothes and food, not to mention water. She didn’t get those before.


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