NE c.6


While I was cleaning my google documents, I stumbled on a completely translate chapter of Night Emperor which wasn’t edited yet. It’s a horrific translation since it dated to when I start translating and my English was still rust. I did a quick re-read and rephrase a lot. It’s a better read, but without a Deyna’s touch, it’s a bit lacking compared to the first five chapters I did before.

By the way, you should watch the drama based on it called The Dark LordThe trailer looks cool, but there’s more comedy in it and it’s not high budget drama. The novel has a good proportion of serious/cool versus comedy.

I might finish book one at least, but the pace will be extremely slow because each chapter is long.

Anyway, enjoy the new chapter.

Chapter 6 of Night Emperor



Sorry for the long hiatus on wordpress. ^^;; Life suddenly made me unable to focus on other translations apart from Bone Painting Coroner and Sundering Nature. Although, I’m mostly just focusing on Bone Painting Coroner now.

So, I translate this chapter because I need a bit of a change from BPC.

I read this novel to the end and skimped through the latter part. Unfortunately, it’s one of those novels that starts great and turns completely different at some point(After reaching the city where the little sister’s husband is.) and ends well but it still leaves a weird after taste. You can divide this novel into 3 distinct parts: MC is great and is embarking on the road to the peak of life; Bad luck and everything went to hell; finally, let’s talk about romance. Personally, it felt like the story turns into some kind of k-drama at some point. The soap opera was so heavy that it made me cringe.

I’ll translate a few more chapters to tease and then, stop like it was planned.

Chapter 7

Random Teaser

Hey people,

So, I stumbled upon an apocalypse theme romance cnovel which is pretty rare among the current translations trend. I mean, you can find a few apocalypse theme danmei, but the trend right now for normal romance is modern and ancient time with a few cultivation theme ones.

I would love to read a nice modern cultivation romance novel, apart from “Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman“.

Anyway, here’s the teaser for Apocalypse Rebirth: Chief, Don’t move! I’ll update it depending on my whims since it’s just a teaser.