AR: CDM 10



Chapter 10 – It finally connects!


Bai Ling’s purpose wasn’t to make money in the apocalypse. Besides, she didn’t have much space to bring those things.

She booted the cellphone and quickly dialed a number. After several rings, it finally connected.

“Hello! Uncle!” At this time, he should have return home. Her voice couldn’t but trembled. After what seemed to be an eternity, finally, she heard a familiar voice that she could only hear in a dream for the longest time.

“Eh? Lingling?” What came out from the phone was a calm voice. “Today, I left the phone at home and forgot to bring it with me. I just came back home and saw that you call me. What’s the matter?”

Hearing the familiar voice, it seemed as if she could see in front of her his tall and handsome figure that always smiled at her with indulgence. It has been so long ago since she last heard his voice. Bai Ling couldn’t help but sobbed.


“Hey, what’s the matter, Lingling?” She could hear the hint of worry in his tone. “Did you encounter a bad situation at your work recently?” His voice had yet to fall when she heard several piercing screams in the background.

“Zhenghao, there seems to be an accident outside!” She faintly heard an aged voice coming from a distant in the phone.

“Grandma!” Bai Ling’s voice trembled even more. Her dear grandma was also still good. They were still alive. At this moment, Bai Ling finally felt that she truly had returned back in time and her expression became incomparably more resolute.

“Lingling, wait a bit. I will go out and take a look at what is going on.” It was clear that Li Zhenghao, her thick eyebrows and big eyes uncle, wouldn’t sit still without doing anything.

“Don’t go!” Bai Ling loudly shouted by reflex. She didn’t want the two of them to be harm in any ways.

Hearing how impetuous Bai Ling sounded, a silence spread from the other side of the phone, even the hip-hop boy, who had just entered the shop, widened his eyes, staring at the cold-blood person in front of him who was shedding tears. It was such a contrast compared to her previous image. She was clutching the phone like it was her last redeeming hope.

“Lingling, what is going in the end?” Compared to the situation inside the village, Li Zhenghao was more concerned about his niece.

“Uncle, from now on, you and grandma must stay in the house. Don’t open the door no matter what. Please… please… believe me that I will come and find you two!” Bai Ling’s voice was solemn and serious. Her tears continued to flow.


“Don’t ask me why. Uncle, please do everything according to what I just said. I beg you!” Finally, as she begged him, it felt as if she exhausted all her energy.

“Lingling, it’s grandma. Did you get bullied by someone outside?” Because of how abnormal Bai Ling was, her uncle switched the phone to his 60-year-old mother. Her body was a bit stooped, her face full of wrinkles and her hair was all white. It formed a big contrast next to her tall son. Her voice was as benevolent and full of worries when she took over the phone.

Bai Ling felt she couldn’t stop sobbing. That old woman was her favorite grandma. In her previous life, her grandma was eaten by zombies until there was nothing remaining. Not hearing her grandchildren speak, the old woman sounded even more worried. She continued to inquire about Bai Ling. Bai Ling calmed herself. “I…” Her voice choked from emotions and she couldn’t repress a sob. “I’m alright, Grandma. I hope that Grandma and Uncle will also be fine until I come back.”


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  1. A says:

    Why she didn’t tell them x.x


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