AR: CDM 11



Chapter 11 – It Finally Connects! (part 2)


“You want to go back?” The voice through the phone was overflowed with joy. The old woman’s face wrinkled even more from being elated. It was due to her inability that caused her two granddaughters to suffer many hardships. If they weren’t studying, their rest time would be to work somewhere and earn money. Even now, due the financial situation, they could barely see each other, except for once per year. Bai Ling’s grandmother felt guilty to the two sisters for now being able to give them a better life.

“Hmm! I will go back!” Bai Ling said with determination. This was her oath!

“Ah! It’s good that you will return.” Bai Ling’s grandma didn’t mind the reason behind her decision. She was really looking forward to see her granddaughter even if she could lose her job. Currently, their livelihood was good and her son can earn money. Therefore, raising Bai Ling wouldn’t be too problematic. Unfortunately, Bai Ling’s grandmother had yet to learn that the world has end.

If she knew, she would absolutely not urged Bai Ling to return home and would advised her granddaughter to find a safe place to stay. Bai Ling was her cherished granddaughter, thus she would wanted her to be alive and well instead of caring for their uncertain safety.

However, since Bai Ling’s grandma didn’t know about the apocalypse, the only thing occupying her heart right now was what to cook when her granddaughter comes back.

“Grandma, I want you to remember that you shouldn’t care about what is happening outside. Don’t mind what people say, especially the son of eldest grandfather. Both uncle and you should absolutely not listen to him. Don’t believe other people too much and you shouldn’t care about them.”

“Alright, alright!” Although they were relatives, contradictions did existed between the two families. Then, Bai Ling recalled Li Dongmei who was always agreeable.

Bai Ling didn’t chat longer with her grandma because of an incoming call – It was her little sister, Bai Shan.

Bai Shan and Bai Ling are two opposites. Unlike Bai Ling, Bai Shan was very soft-heartened, gentle and like to care about other people. Her appearance was beautiful and full of life.

Bai Ling received her call. She heard Bai Shan very impatient voice. She sounded very frightened and her voice was trembling. As she sobbed, she said, “Big Sister, something happens. You must not go out. You don’t know how terrible it is out here… Something changes and there are a lot of monsters roaming outside!”

Bai Shan heard a bloodcurdling scream. If it wasn’t for her child, she would have gone out and take a look. She was currently watching the situation from her window. She accidentally saw the scene in the room opposite of her apartment where the scream came from. Despite the poor lighting, Bai Shan was able to make out the scene of her familiar neighbor eating her own child!

Bai Shan couldn’t believe her eyes. She covered her mouth in horror as her tears fell. She didn’t think that a beast like growl come be emit by a “human”. After what seemed like an eternity, that child who has been eaten by his parent crawled up.

Bai Shan wasn’t an idiot. That child should have been dead, yet it was moving as if it was alive. This was simply straight out of fantasy. Below her apartment, a landscape of carnage spread far and wide, filled with monsters which are mostly composed of humans who have been turned into their kins after been bite or eaten.

Bai Ling clearly heard the scream through the phone. Due to the scream, a baby started to cry. The baby’s voice was very loud. The voice belonged to her young nephew. He must have been sleeping in Bai Shan’s arms. Both of them must be very afraid right now.

Bai Ling’s heart momentary felt a stabbed of pain. She hated her inability to reach for them at this instant to reassure them.

Her grandma still have her uncle, but Bai Shan was alone, despised by her mother-in-law due to her rural and poor background. Therefore, she was living in a apartment in a small city with her five-month-old child.

Her husband wasn’t even at her side. So, Bai Ling could imagines how frightened and desolate Bai Shan confronted with the great changes outside.


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