AR: CDM 12



Chapter 12 – The Distressed Bai Shan



“Sis… Wuuuh… Sis, you absolutely must not go out. Although I don’t know what is going on, you are in a metropolis. There are many people there, so if something happens, and the police can’t solve it, they will certainly have a contingent plan and find a safe place. You must follow them at that time. As for us, you shouldn’t worry about us. We will be fine. Little Meatball’s dad is a soldier. He will come for us. So, you must stay alive.” Those were the same words she said in Bai Ling’s previous life. Her tone was filled with fear, yet she pretended to be brave. Bai Ling did survive as her little sister hoped for, but unfortunately, Bai Shan’s fate wasn’t the same.


“Little Meatball” was the nickname Bai Ling gave Bai Shan’s son after seeing how adorably white, tender and chubby that little baby was through the video chat they have every night.

Although Bai Shan and her grandma reside within the same province, they weren’t in the same district. From S city, Bai Ling has to reach her grandmother’s village before going further to arrived at Bai Shan’s place.

Through the phone, the child tearful cry made Bai Ling feel distressed. She was there at his birth since Bai Shan’s mother-in-law didn’t help her during her convalescence due to the conflictual relationship between the two of them.

Women who gave birth knows that the following month after birth was very a difficult time and assistance were need during the convalescence.

At that time, Bai Ling resigned from her workplace to help her little sister during that month despite just getting that new job for less than four months. Therefore, she had very deep affection for her nephew and regardless of how busy she was, she would never skip a video chat with him, even if it was only a few minutes before he went to bed.

Little Meatball also seemed to know that his mom was exhausted. Therefore, he would rarely cry during the day and even at night, he would sleep through without waking up, except when he was hungry.

Bai Ling felt distressed. She want to do something but couldn’t. That child was born no long ago, and the apocalypse came. If it didn’t turn into a zombie, his other fate was to be zombies’ food!

No matter how much Bai Ling’s tears were falling, her voice was extremely steady and resolute as if she wanted to pass her courage to Bai Shan through the phone. “Shanshan, listen to me. Don’t be afraid. Those things are not as dreadful as you might think. They can’t see, so their sense of smell and hearing are very sharp. Little Meatball usually doesn’t cry, so it must be scared right now. You have to plug his ears.”

Right now, his cry wasn’t too loud, but with passing time, the zombies would evolve. If they are unlucky, they might attract a strong evolved zombie, and no doors or walls would be able to stop it.

“I will go look for you, Shanshan. You must never give up because big sister will find you!” Bai Ling bite her lips and the taste of iron spread quickly in her mouth. In her previous life, her sister and her nephew died tragically, so she cannot let history repeat again.

As for her brother-in-law… Humph! Bai Ling sneered. He defended the country, but at the most crucial point when his loving wife and child needed him, he was nowhere to be found.

Bai Ling knew that she shouldn’t blame him since he might have become a zombie early on or died on his way to find them. However, he didn’t deserve to be married to her little sister. Her marriage to him was fraught with hardships and sufferings without the corresponding happiness.


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