AR: CDM 13



Chapter 13 – Bai Shan’s Worries (1)


Bai Shan wept louder, but maybe because of Bai Ling’s tone, she felt comforted, braver as her fear diminished. Bai Shan was weak, but she was still Bai Ling’s beloved little sister. After a long moment, Bai Shan spoke again. “I don’t want you to look for me!” It was too dangerous and she couldn’t picture herself even walking through this streets overcrowded by flesh-eating monsters. Let alone what would happened if she was thrown in that herd of monsters.


Unexpectedly, the shop has been besieged by zombies at some unknown time. The eerily hammering on the door caused the hip-hop boy from seeking refuge behind Bai Ling at some point. He was trembling with fear.

“Sis, did something happen?” The loud sound of collision was heard by Bai Shan even through the phone and it jolted her heart.

“It’s just some trivial matter!” It was only three newly transformed zombies. Their strength was worser than that of an adult. If it wasn’t because of panic, there wouldn’t be so many casualties.

“Big Sis, this is considered a trivial matter?!” The boy interjected when he heard Bai Ling, who had recovered to her usual calm and cold expression, understated the situation. He was completely in panic.

Bai Ling took a bag from the sales counter and swept all the things she could in it. She didn’t disconnect the call when she gave the cellphone to the boy. She glared at him. “Don’t speak nonsense. Hold this. Don’t hanged up and don’t fall behind. Otherwise, I will feed you to the zombies.”

Bai Ling’s threat was never spoken in jest! She walked to a folding chair and folded it. Then, she lightly swung it. Her current body’s strength was pretty good.

“W-wait… we are going to go out like this?” This was too careless! There were three zombies at the front door and innumerable number waiting outside. Although there were street lamps, most of them were out of order after being hit by cars. Therefore, it was very dark outside!

Compared to her previous life where she had to rely on the moonlight to see, having a few working street lamps to lit her surroundings was many times better.

Bai Ling completely ignored him. She opened the door and welcomed one of the zombies with a swing of the folded chair, and greeted the one on the left with a well-aimed kick. She took advantage of the small recoil from the impact of hitting the first zombie to aim at the third one. Her actions were executed smoothly, and in an instant, everything was over.

The boy already knew that Bai Ling’s skills were strong. However, he still gawked at her great strength after looking at the three zombies on the ground with their heads smashed by a mere folded chair.

The boy’s mouth was slightly opened and his eyes widened in shock. He saw her kicked something before, but he didn’t expect her kicks to be so terrible. His heart seemed to be stimulated by excitement.

“Sis… Sis?” The worried yell was clearly heard through the phone.

“Hello. Your sis is too overpowered!” The boy couldn’t help shouting in excitement to Bai Shan. His adoration for Bai Ling kept growing. To start with, he was someone who had an ardent passion for parkour, and his ability is rather strong. After responding, he couldn’t help but feel he was a group with those sisters. “You don’t need to worry. She got rid of three monsters all at once. I really can’t believe my eyes!”

Bai Shan almost screamed through the phone. Her big sister was on par with those monsters? Impossible! Although her sister’s physical strength was pretty good, not to mention she was also intelligent, how could she dare to confront those malevolent monsters? Bai Shan’s heartbeat accelerated. “How is she? Is she alright?”

“Her skills are good. She certainly won’t met with mishaps, so don’t worry!” The boy said more in his excitement, but he didn’t forget to forge a bond with Bai Shan as he hurriedly mentioned, “Rest assured, from today onward, your sister is also my sister. Since she is my eldest big sister, you are my second big sister!”


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  1. Reader says:

    LMAO flattery is also a skill. And he has some good reflexes so just need to work on them and he’ll be an asset. thanks for the chapter!

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  2. Vannie says:

    Oh that boy is really lucky. He did a great job getting to the younger sister’s good side to survive… haahaha

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