AR: CDM 14



Chapter 14 – Bai Shan’s Worries (2)


Originally, Bai Shan was incredibly scared. However, after hearing the unfamiliar boy said those mysterious words, the fear in her heart unexpectedly receded gradually. She held tightly to her phone with her eyes greatly widened by shock. She didn’t dare to believe that her big sister was this ferocious!

Excitement filled her heart and she was in high spirits, yet that faint anxiety never left her.

After settling the three zombies, there weren’t many zombies left in the surrounding because this place was a bit desolate to start with. Besides, people’s screams had attracted away the zombies which were sensitive to sound.

After they went back into the car, Bai Ling took back the cell phone and continued to converse with her sister while looking at the cumbersome folding chair she had put on one of the seating.

Bai Ling didn’t hang up the phone earlier for a simple reason. This kind of quiet night filled with screams was scaring Bai Shan. So to speak, she wanted to alleviate her little sister’s fear.

“Sis, did you really get out? Did those monsters touch you? I saw people go downstairs and got touch by those monsters and after that, they also turned into them!” Bai Shan’s tone was filled with urgency.

“I’m fine. I didn’t let those monsters injured me. It shouldn’t be a problem if they can’t bite me!” Bai Ling spoke indifferently. However, her voice was very gentle. “Shanshan, I know that you are scared, but… I hope that you can steady your heart and carefully observed those monsters.”

Bai Ling knew from her previous life that there were many things which she had no control over. So, right now, she wants Bai Shan to quickly adapt herself to this new reality in order to protect herself and her child. The first Bai Shan needed to do is to overcome her fear and be able to bravely face against the zombies.

“Sis…” Bai Shan was clearly still afraid.

“It’s fine. I am here, so I will certainly go and find you!” Bai Ling curled her mouth into a gentle smile. “Remember, those monster’s weakness is their heads.”

Bai Shan held her child and went to the window. She tightly clutched the phone with a trembling hand. “Sis… Sis… Sis..”

The person on the line was her big sister, her very strong big sister!

Regardless of how scared Bai Shan was at this moment, Bai Ling must instill enough confidence in Bai Shan, enough for her little sister to overcome her fear and be able to confront the zombies.

After ten minutes.

“I wonder if there is a shop that sells knives around here.” Previously, Bai Ling was able to escape the city with great difficulty, so she didn’t dare to stop around here. She only found a remote place to safely rest. Therefore, she only knew about the rental shop and only had a vague souvenir of the rest.

Bai Ling was obviously muttering to herself, but the boy overheard her. He excitedly raised his hand and answered Bai Ling.

“I happen to know a place around here that have weapons!”

Bai Ling squinted her eyes and carefully observed him through the rear mirror. ‘How old is he? How deep is his understanding of weapons?’

Seeing that Bai Ling distrust him, the boy hurriedly swore, “It’s true! At that time, I went there with my grandfather. It so happened that it was during the evening, so I remember it clearly!” Although he was young, he has seen many things.

When she saw the confidence he had, Bai Ling simply declared, “Show me the way!”

At this moment, the boy felt as if Bai Ling had accepted him. While giving directions, he introduced himself. “I am called Bai Xiaoxi. I heard big sister’s surname is also Bai. Maybe we are related! Hehehe!”

Bai Ling ignored his chuckling and playful words. Meanwhile, Bai Shan who was still connected through the phone was calmer. She might as well let that boy distracted her sister’s mind in the meantime.


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