AR: CDM 15



Chapter 15 – How About We Go to Another Place?


The hip-hop boy, Bai Xiaoxi, didn’t care about Bai Ling’s attitude. He continued to speak. “Big Sister Bai, don’t look down on me. Although I am only 13 years old and still in junior high, I love parkour and anything thrilling, but unfortunately, my mom doesn’t allow it.”

“Which way to go?” Bai Ling went in a small alley as he finished speaking. The shop was surrounded by numerous others with only a few lit by some light and zombies’ howls could be heard from there. There were some shops that were completely closed and didn’t seem to have suffered any damage from the outside. Bai Ling naturally wanted to take a careful look at the surroundings before taking her next action, just to avoid getting caught in an unexpected accident. Besides, she needed to plan an escape route, a habit she had developed from her previous life.

Being prudent will help you survive longer.

“Go straight! After we get out of this alley, you will see a place that looks like a luxury cars concessionaire. Turn on the left and you will see a small shop. This is the entrance to the place I told you.” Bai Xiaoxi frowned. “I’m afraid there might be some zombies inside. I don’t know how many there will be. Last time, when I went with my grandpa, I saw a lot of security guards.”

But when he looked at Bai Ling, for some unknown reason, he got the certitude that everything will be alright. His anxiety decreased and a smile bloomed on his face.

Bai Ling looked at his white and tender round face through the rearview mirror, muttering to herself that this boy’s background didn’t seem to be simple.

After pondering about something, Bai Ling coldly asked, “So many things have happened, aren’t you worried about your family?”

Bai Xiaoxi, who was in high spirits, suddenly deflated and pouted at her question. He didn’t respond, but his big and round eyes were somewhat restrained, his face gloomy and appeared very reluctant to mention about his family.

After seeing his appearance, she didn’t ask further. Each person has their own secrets and on principle, she didn’t have the habit to pry into others privacy. As for why she went against her principle this time, it was to ascertain if his family was one of those who survive the apocalypse.

In her previous world, there was some family who was able to survive and strive during the apocalypse, becoming the new power of China.

After three minutes, Bai Ling saw the entrance of the little shop mentioned by Bai Xiaoxi. It looks like an auction or a pawn shop.

Made out of wood, the door was already broke open. Furthermore, blood could be seen in front of it. A bit further, several zombies in tattered black suit feasted on their foods.

“This… T-this… How about we go to another place?” Bai Xiaoxi obviously preferred giving up instead of getting out of the vehicle and facing those zombies.

The main point was this isn’t an ordinary zombie, but a variant one. The bodyguards had turned into huge monsters that were as tall as a man even when they were crouching. The sight of them was enough to tingle anyone’s scalp from fear.

As soon as he spoke those words, Bai Ling opened the car door and took out the folding chair.

He gritted his teeth and had no other alternative but to follow her because he felt that without her, he could only become zombies food. Bai Ling was his strongest protection against the dangers of the apocalypse.

Bai Ling squinted her eyes, observing the four huge and undamaged zombies at the entrance. There didn’t seem to have any other variation. In other words, those zombies were already quite tall when they were human. It appeared that the things inside this shop were not simple. ‘Coming here is a correct decision!’

She swept a look at her surroundings, splattered with blood and guts, not to mention body parts and incomplete corpses that were wiggling, gradually turning into a zombie.


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    Wow! Thanks for the update! I just wish and hope that there will be frequent updates 😔 i love this series 😍

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