AR: CDM 16


Chapter 16 – The Powerful Bai Ling


The quantity of meat ingested by these newly transformed zombies was clearly much larger than the common zombies. Fortunately, the shop was located in a remote area, so there were not many people around, thus not many zombies.

“Ohh! Grawwr!”

Due to the lack of food, the newly arrived humans had easily attracted their attention.

Bai Lin threw the cellphone to Bai Xiaoxi again. “It’s switch to video call, so record me!”

When they got off the car, Bai Ling already switched from phone call to video call. Bai Shan can now clearly see the current situation on Bai Ling’s side.

When Bai Shan heard her sister, she already guessed what the other was about to do. She was choked with anxiety and couldn’t utter a single word before Bai Ling was too far away. She heard a bloodcurdling screech.

The anxiety and dread she felt put her on edge. She watched her lovely son sound asleep in her arms. She had followed Bai Lin’s advice and plug her son’s ears. Unconsciously, she hugged her son tighter.

She looked at the familiar figure on her phone screen. In the same picture, she saw huge monsters holding bloody pieces of flesh. The monsters were terrifying. Suddenly, they turned around… Did they discover Bai Lin?

Bai Shan couldn’t help screaming and prayed to God to protect her big sister. If something was to happen to Bai Ling, she won’t know what do to. Nothing must happen to her sister, nothing!

Despite already reaching the age of 22 and already an adult with her own thoughts, Bai Shan was emotionally dependent of Bai Ling. Bai Ling was like a mother figure to her, always there when she needs it the most, supporting her in the most difficult moment. The person that occupied a large part in her heart, apart from her child’s father, was Bai Ling.

“Don’t… Don’t…” come over! When those huge and powerful monster pounced at her big sister, Bai Shan let out a repressed scream and shut her eyes, not daring to look any longer.

“Second Big Sister, rest assured. Nothing will happen!” Bai Xiaoxi’s small voice didn’t show any fear because Bai Ling was too powerful. She was more powerful than the average human.

The next second, she looked again and saw Bai Ling’s agile body shuttling between the sinister monsters which were bloodsoaked and smelled of rot. It seemed as if she was merely playing a game and had no fear when facing those zombies that could end her life with one bite. Even a careless move, an accidental grab of her arm or a slip on the ground could turn her into chunks of meat.

Bam! Bang! Slam!

With extreme accuracy, the folding chair slammed onto the zombies’ head. Every time she was about to be bitten, Bai Ling used the chair as a shield. However, the most unexpected thing is she dared to use her hands against the zombies! She grabbed the zombies’ arms and broke their joints. She was ferocious and those arms weren’t mere chopsticks.

Although the chair attack didn’t break their head, it still have the effect of stunning them for an instant.

Bai Ling turned back with a smile, illuminating her dull but pretty face. “Shanshan, are you scared?”

Seeing the smile on her face, an oasis of calm amidst the bellows of the zombies and the blood-filled streets, Bai Shan felt how great her sister was, a firm pillar that could hold the sky. She engraved her image deeply into her mind.


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  1. Reader says:

    thanks for the chapter! hope i can see the whole family united!

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  2. april says:

    Great novel. I can’t wait for more;When are you publishing the next one?

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