AR: CDM Chapter 17



Chapter 17 – Shut Up Or I’m Throwing You Out!


Tears trailed down Bai Shan’s face. Those dreadful monsters didn’t enter her eyes as her eyes were fixed on her big sister, her powerful big sister.

“If you don’t want to die, follow me closely!” Bai Ling said to Bai Xiaoxi right after she was done speaking with Bai Shan. Her tone cold unlike when she spoke with her little sister. She also saw that Bai Xiaoxi was obviously not as scared as he was before. Although there was still fear, he now dared to look at her fighting.

Regardless of the situation, she had no intention of rescuing him. If something does happen, and he died, there was no need to keep him. She dashed past the massive zombies and rushed into the shop.

She swept a glance inside, confirming it was clear. The metal door was already opened. Those enormous zombies were probably the guards inside. Some people have mutated and they have no choice but to escape to the outside.

She turned back and saw Bai Xiaoxi running behind, his head all messy from his run. He shouted while sliding past the door.


Bai Ling immediately shut tightly the metal door behind him. Suddenly, darkness fell but not for long as the cellphone light was switched on.

Aaaah!” When the small light illuminated the room, a horrific scene unfolded before them – a bloody carnage. Most of the room was dyed in the crimson of blood with badly mangled zombies crawling here and there on the floor.

Shocked by the scene, they didn’t notice an undead next to them. It pounced at Bai Xiaoxi’s foot, opened its big mouth, ready to bite on that tender flesh. The boy let out a scream in reflex, his whole body taunt from fear, and he braced himself for the pain.

Since Bai Xiaoxi was holding onto the phone, Bai Shan on the other side of the line clearly saw the creature in the dim light. It felt as if that bloody jaw of death had sprang out from the darkness and would popped out the screen to eat her. The fright also made her screamed out.

Bai Ling remained composed. She shouted in a compelling tone. “Dodge!”

Her voice snapped him out of his fearful stupor, and he obeyed her command without hesitation.


His survival instinct kicked in, and he used all his strength to jump up. The next instant, gravity recalled him and he landed on the zombie’s head, crushing it. The impact made him slipped, and he fell onto the undead, splattered with blood and gore.

The shock made him looked like he had lost his soul. As for Bai Shan, she was anxious but couldn’t express herself since she was also gripped by the same fear as Bai Xiaoxi.

Bai Ling ignored Bai Xiaoxi and took the opportunity to quickly sweep the whole room, finishing the remaining zombies. At the same time, she let Bai Shan learn from her actions.

Bai Shan vomited, unable to hold herself. However, she persisted listening and watching Bai Ling because her sister was not afraid, so she shouldn’t be as well. Besides, she knew her sister wanted them to be able to reach that stage of fighting.

Finally, the shock wore off and Bai Xiaoxi let out a delayed scream as he jumped up, wiping off the gore and blood from him. Unfortunately, the more he tried to do so, the better he smeared all over himself.

“Shut up or I’m throwing you out!” She berated him in a cold tone.

Bai Xiaoxi shut up instantly, not daring to utter a single sound, but his big eyes welled up with tears. He wanted to rage that she was inhuman, feeling wronged. He was still a junior high kid after all.

Watching their interaction, for some reason, Bai Shan wanted to laugh because inwardly her big sister was a gentle person.

Frightened and panicked, the boy looked at Bai Shan with a miserable expression, his lips trembled, seeking for her comfort.


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