AR: CDM Chapter 23



Chapter 23 – Why Don’t You Bring me with you?


Trust was a damnable concept during the apocalypse and so was owing someone. The boy had guided her to this place. Without taking into account she was the one who cleans up the place, she wouldn’t have obtained such a godly sword without him.

“Ah?” Bai Xiaoxi was unable to react at the suddenness of her words. He looked at the copper color sword at his feet. “I can take it? But I don’t know how to use it!”

He looked around. Urgh! He didn’t know how to use firearms either, but that double-edged sword was too terrific. If it could cut through cement and steel reinforcing bar like butter, won’t it be quite easy to chop zombies? As his mind went spinning in thoughts, he squatted down quickly to pick up the sword. He lamented, “Damn~! I can’t still believe how light this sword is.”

His gaze and his words didn’t match.

He was an assiduous learner. He waved the sword, trying to get the hang of it while chuckling happily. There was a hint of excitement welling inside of it. He suddenly had the urge to go out and chop some zombies.

Bai Ling didn’t covet his new possession since she had a fitter sword which was most probably the most valuable piece of the auction house’s collection.

She raised the katana. “Shanshan, I’ll give you this katana later.”

Bai Shan looked blankly at the pitch black katana carved with sakura. “M-me?”

“Yeah!” Bai ling nodded. A terrifying glint flashed through her eyes. “It’s yours. Later, we will fight alongside.”

Her words warmed Bai Shan’s heart. She suddenly felt the mutated monsters outside were no longer an object of fear. She held her child tighter, filled with hope. It didn’t matter how the world had changed, she had a powerful big sister which spurred her desire to become stronger and fight shoulder to shoulder with Bai Ling. She didn’t hesitate to hum in agreement and nodded with determination.

Bai Ling smiled faintly. She wanted to shield her family, but she understood their temper. Besides, even if she was now stronger, if they had no means to protect themselves, they could still meet with an early death under the zombies’ teeth.

Therefore, she couldn’t be the only one getting stronger. She needed to make them as strong or at least, strong so no one can mess with them.

She turned and left, taking with her five firearms – two small guns, a 92FS pistol, a silver desert eagle, and last but not least, a machine gun. The machine gun was the best weapon to counter a horde of zombies besieging from all sides.

She also grabbed as much ammunition she could so her uncle and grandma could practice and learn the use of firearms.

Bai Xiaoxi looked at how few guns she took. There was still so many powerful weapons, why doesn’t she want them? He was reluctant to part with so many great weapons and felt a pang of regrets. He couldn’t stop himself from asking, “It’s not certain how many zombies we might meet later. China’s laws don’t allow for normal families to be in possession of firearms, so it’s might be difficult to find guns easily… Isn’t a pity to leave the weapons here?”

Bai Ling proceeded to the exit without giving him a glance. She only spat out, “Too cumbersome!”

That’s right! For her, too many are like not enough. If she didn’t have her family members in mind, she would only take the evil sword with a desert eagle. The gun wasn’t to fight off zombies. It was a strong deterrent against the treacherous humans.

After she grabbed another suitcase of ammunition, she stopped and noticed a golden desert eagle on Bai Xiaoxi’s waist and three others guns in his arms. He still had a reluctant expression.

Bai Lin softly said, “Give back the phone. I have no intention to bring you with me so you can pick as many firearms as you wish.”

“Huh?” He abruptly tossed the guns in his arms at her words. He had already considered himself part of her group, hence the news shook him strongly. His eyes went wide from surprise. “Why don’t you bring me with you? It’s Armageddon outside and I know no one else. I only have you, Bis Sis!”


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