Chapter 6 – The Outbreak of Zombie Virus


In the shortest time, she completed the required procedures to rent the car with the Bon Voyage’s employee. When she received the key, she immediately followed one of the staffs to pick up the car. However, she didn’t expected meeting face to face with the hip-hop boy. He was wearing a big sunglasses and was all laugh as he called out to her.

The boy saw that she was observing him, so he hurriedly took off his big sunglasses, revealing a small, cute and smooth oval face with a pair of big and round eyes. His face broke into a huge smile!

Bai Ling stared at him, but remained unmoved by his cuteness. Her brows was slightly wrinkled. She was about to speak, but withdrawn her gaze the next second as her heart was furiously beating in her chest. It appeared that she had just validated the veracity of all her previous life experience – It was all true.

She didn’t know if what she felt was excitement or sorrow, but she dashed forward in quick steps and sent out a sidekick. She felt the enormous pressure. The corner of her mouth faintly raised. It’s real. Everything is real. However, what she knew was linked to the previous world, so she will not let the same tragedies repeat itself again this time and no one will stop her, not even God! Even if it was fate, she would go against fate!

The teenager boy, who now looked more like a 13-year-old boy after taking off his sunglasses, was shocked. It happened so suddenly that he didn’t have the time to react. His whole body froze like an idiot. Why did she want to beat him?

And that pair of eyes… Her eyes at this moment were filled with a ruthless aura, bordering with killing intent. Those hazelnut eyes made him feel they were sinister. When those eyes rested on him, he thought that his heart would completely stopped beating!


However, at the same time she sent out her kick, a growling sound like those of a beast was heard next to the boy’s ears and a fishy smell waffed to his nose.

Bai Ling’s kick connected with the side of the face of that “person”. Bam! She floored a Bon Voyage’s employee whose eyes were now completely white and whose skin had started to turn into a dark purple hue.

The hip-hop boy remained stunned, but his fear forced him to take a step back. The sound he just heard didn’t seem to belong to a human.

“What are you doing hitting someone like that?” The employee who accompanied her was shocked by the scene he just saw. Why was she beating his colleague for no good reason? He rushed towards his colleague, who was squirming on the floor, to support him.

“Don’t go!” Bai Ling shouted, but it was too late. Zombies don’t feel pain and were devoid of emotions. The only thing that meant anything to them was their craving for human flesh.


In a split of second, the zombie recovered its vigor. It didn’t wait for its ex-colleague to come to its help. It helped itself by leaping at the human with its mouth opened wide to the limit of possible and chomped at the unguarded neck, causing the blood to spurt.

“GYAAAAH!!” A blood-curdling scream came out from the victim.

The hip-hop boy loved exciting things. Although he was young and ignorant, he saw people getting beat up, but never had he witnessed such gore where someone bite a person, not only that, that crazy man actually bite off a big chunk of the neck. Ok, fine, but… He actually swallowed it?! Did human meat tasted that good that his stomach even rumbled after eating it?

As the boy watched the gruesome scene, fright could be seen within his eyes and his neck suddenly felt cold.

His scream seemed like a signal to the surrounding. More screams joined in, each resonating at different pitch, forming a tragic symphony as the curtain rose to a new hellish world!

“Boss, do something. No! Sto- AAAH!” The voice at the front of the shop was very clear.

Bai Ling turned her head and saw that the smiling boss was now ripping a human to shred while eating him. His eyes had already turned white and his face had turned dark purple.

Unexpectedly, outside the shop, there were groups of two and three staggering zombies. Their faces and bodies were still bleeding and there was even one with a broken arm coming into the shop.


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  1. So exciting story like it


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