Chapter 4 – The Mister’s Smile


If anyone had carefully looked at the car Bai Ling leapt over, they would realized it was a luxurious car or a limited edition one!

The driver who almost crashed into Bai Ling still haven’t recovered from the shock. Due to the car braking, the exquisite figure of Bai Ling appeared as if it flew over it.

From the back seat, a pair of extremely gentle like jade eyes followed Bai Ling’s figure and forgot to look at the document in his hands. That 24 or 25 years old young woman also hadn’t anticipated they would almost ran into her. Such foolishness!

The owner of the pair of eyes slightly parted his tender lips and a gentle voice came out from his mouth. Anyone who heard it would feel their mind trembled yet at the same time they would be overcome by a sense of comfort. His gentle eyes were like a starfield as he revealed a dazzling smile.

The uncle who drove the car became somewhat nervous. He hurriedly looked into his rearview mirror and what entered his sight was an angelic face, handsome and gentle, as if it was a work crafted by the Gods. Such face combined with a pair of gentle eyes, that were profound like it held the universe within, and a row of spotlessly white teeth, which were exposed from the smile, made him peerlessly elegant and gave him an aura of noblesse combined with a gentle feeling like the warm of the sun. It made people feel like they were caressed by the spring breeze. The man only appeared to be in his late twenties, around 27 or 28 years old.

“Mister, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Let’s go. We must leave this place before it gets dark!” The voice overflowed with magnetism while retaining the original gentleness. Yet, sorrow could be felt from his tone. “What may come, will come… The spread had already went beyond the scope of our control!”

He spoke as if this was merely an unrelated episode in someone else’s life.

Bai Ling, who stood on the opposite street, seemed as if she sensed something. She looked at her arms and legs. Although she often exercised, this kind of fast reaction time shouldn’t be something she was capable of at this time in her previous life. She should tested it out. It shouldn’t be a meta-ability, right?

The corner of her mouth pursed into a faint smile. It didn’t matter what it was. Isn’t it better to possess more life-saving means? She immediately rushed to her first destination. Her speed was abnormally fast. It was so fast that many people walking to and fro took notice of her.

Since she was so eager to return home, she didn’t paid attention to the stare of a boy chewing a bubble gum while standing on a skateboard on the same intersection. His head was covered with a bandana and wore hip-hop style clothes. He looked completely dumbstruck at this moment. “Shit, man… I didn’t think she had that much agility. Don’t tell me she’s a parkour fanatic?” The light of worship could be seen flashing through his eyes as he followed after her on his skateboard.

Bai Ling knew what she needed to do. First, she have to call her family. Unexpectedly, the call couldn’t connect?

She wiped the sweats on her face and lifted her head to observe the surroundings. She dialed the number once again. In her mind, their walking speed of her surrounding was clearly too slow. It was currently rush hour and regardless of the place, there would be a vast crowd of people and a long queue of cars waiting at the red light. Even if it was the evening, since it was may, the weather had warm up considerably and there were many people roaming around.

When that fateful time arrive, this whole street would be doomed and the number of zombies would grow in fold.

Time was pressing. No matter what, she must take advantage of the chaos during the virus full outbreak to get out of the city!

Bai Ling tightened her fist as she couldn’t maintained her highest speed!

How long did she run? Then, Bai Ling saw a shop that sold bicycles. A light flickered in her eyes as a trace of smile finally peered on her face. She directly ran into the shop.

Five minutes later, between two parked vehicles, she saddled on her bicycle and started to pedal. Same as before, her speed was far from slow, but her brows creased. Why was a 16 or 17 years old teenager boy in clothes decorated by metallic studs following behind her?

Right now, she had not time to care about him. She lowered her head and looked at her cellphone. She was burning with anxiety. Why the batteries had to die at this time?


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  1. Vannie says:

    That boy will luckily survive the outbreak because he follewed MC?


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