Surprise! Full-time Sponger c.1


This chapter is a pain to translate because there were numerous cultivation terms and MMORPG terms. The length of each chapter is the triple of one chapter of Apocalypse Rebirth. It took me much longer than I expect to finish it. On the good side, I have gained more experience to level up as a translator.

This is also a teaser project, so don’t expect me to finish it, and anyone is welcome to take this as their translation project at any time if interest.

Chapter 1

AR: CDM 12


Here comes chapter 12.

I like Little Meatball, he’s so adorable. Bai Shan deserves to be happy and good lord, she isn’t the protagonist of this story. Her life can make this story turns into a sobbing K-drama very early on.

Anyway, enjoy it!

Chapter 12