Chapter 9 – Prelude to Carnage (3)



There was a socket to recharge electronics inside the car. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a cellphone charger with her. Right now, her priority is to contact her family members.

“Hey, big sister! Why are you parking here?” The hip-hop boy didn’t expected that they didn’t leave for long, but she parked the middle of the street.

Didn’t she see that her actions would make the surrounding zombies notice their presence?

“Let’s leave this place quickly! Even if we can’t go to the police station, we should find a safe place to stay!” Besides, with such a catastrophic disaster, the country’s leaders… The boy’s body tensed when he thought to that point. ‘Don’t tell me that the country’s leaders took the initiative to become a monster?’

Earlier, he had noticed that those who had zombified came from all walk of life without any peculiar distinction; Be it an elderly, a child, a middle-aged person, an adult at the prime of his life, and regardless of their genders or body types, they would transformed after being bitten.

If there wasn’t any exception, wouldn’t that mean that the world was doomed… engulfed in the chaos created by man-eating monsters? ‘Is this the apocalypse? Did that woman know beforehand? She did shout about the end of the world coming on the street before. However, at that time, no one took her seriously.’ Yet, the bloody scenes in front of him was a genuine statement of her words.

Bai Ling just opened the car door and was greeted by a staggering and bloodied zombie which bared it fangs at her. She focused her sight on it, then rushed towards it and at the last minute, she dodged into a cellphone shop at lightning speed. The place was unlocked since when the apocalypse happened, the shop was still opened and the manager with his employees left the shop in order to help outside. Naturally, they never returned back.

Bai Ling had no idea how many zombies would be hidden inside there, but if this unknown factor could scared her, then what was the point of her surviving for so long in the apocalypse?

“Wait for me!” The boy finally found that something was wrong as he realized that those monsters have the ability to smell humans. When the car stopped, several of them suddenly walked towards the car. It scared him witless, so he didn’t dare getting out of the car at first. After glancing at Bai Ling, he noticed that she intended to closed the door of the shop. ‘Will that be enough?’ Then, what about him? How could she let him wait here on a street filled with zombies? She really didn’t possessed a shred of compassion!

Without further words, he had chased after her. Unfortunately, as he rushed toward her, a zombie grabbed his clothes. The induced fear caused him to burst with a strength beyond his usual. He ripped off his jacket and timely, slide through the door gap before Bai Ling closed it. With the crisis averted, he softly slumped on the floor of the store as his body was continuously trembling.

His reaction was very normal. Therefore, Bai Ling didn’t show disdain when she saw him trembling. After a quick glance at him, she returned to her task, grabbing five or six rechargeable batteries. She also took the opportunity to upgrade her cellphone. Fortunately, she once worked at a cellphone store during summer. When she saw a smartphone with a six inches screen, she immediately grabbed it and took out all kind of sims cards.  Then, she quietly walked up to the counter and took out another eight and activated all of them.

Since the apocalypse have just started, there was still electricity. So, the computer was still working which allowed her to activate the sims cards and unlocked everything for unrestricted use.

She recalled that in her previous life, when the apocalypse came, the satellite for telecommunication was still functioning, so naturally, mobile phone could be used. However, in face of danger, who would think about using phone? Later, after the chaos was settled, such commodities were tagged with an exorbitant price.


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