FTS – Book One – Chapter 1

Written By Autumn Night Listens to the Rain

Translated by Grenn

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Chapter 1 – The System’s Curse




When Su Wan regained her consciousness while she was free falling. The strong wind caused her to be unable to open her eyes. The air friction caused by the speed of her fall made her feel as if she was about to combust. But something within her body fell apart and shot straight to her brain.





With difficulty, Su Wan opened her eyes just to realize that she had landed on someone. That person was only covered in leaves and flowers, and their collision had sent that person rolling on the ground. Although the densely packed foliage acted as a buffer to slow down her fall, it didn’t stop her brain to shake from the impact of the fall which caused her to feel dizzy to the point she was on the verge of fainting.

She almost fainted, only almost fainted!

Su Wan gritted her teeth and clutched her stomach. In order to keep her chastity, even if she died, she must not faint. She opened her eyes wider and hit the person in front of her. “Indiscriminate molester!”

“Ouch! Damn crazy girl!”

Her fist was blocked which fanned her anger. She glanced at the man who looked like a daoist priest with a long beard, just like those in ancient times. The realization slightly shocked her, yet she didn’t show any mercy and grabbed onto his beard. “You, old lecher… Huh?”

The daoist priest pointed his finger and Su Wan immediately closed her eyes and fell into a slumber, but before she was hit by lethargy, a thought flashed through her mind: ‘Old pervert, I will remember you!’

Daoist Emerald Splendor was truly innocent. He rubbed his painful chin while carefully prying away his wonderful beard from the hand of that young lady who fell from the sky out of nowhere. When she fell off, he noticed her unsteady breathing and only wanted to hit her acupuncture points to sooth her breathing, but he never expected that his 380 years of chastity was destroyed in an instant with a single shout of “old leecher!”

Ouch! Ouch! My heart! My bone must be broken… Oh no! My 100-year-old lingzhi mushroom, it’s all crushed… Oh no! My Emerald Wave Sword, be good. Be good…”

Daoist Emerald Splendor’s heart hurt. He took a pill to sooth the pain and then, picked up his lingzhi mushroom. After that, he carefully cleaned his flying sword. When all was done, he finally paid attention to Su Wan.

“Strange! Truly strange! There was clearly no fighting above me, but where did this little lady fell down from? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Wearing such revealing clothes… Oh well! Since she fell on me, let’s consider it fate. I wonder how is her innate talent…”

If Su Wan was awake, she would be furious because at this moment Daoist Emerald Splendor was groping all over her body, not even her chest was spared. The more he “checked” her innate talent, the more wretched his smile became with his eyes glinting ominously as if he wanted to swallow her whole!

“Oh, my Great Ancestor! T-this… She has innate immortal bone?!” He suddenly started to slap his thigh and cried. “The Great Ancestor has blessed us! He knows that our Bright Cloud Sect is in trouble and has specially sent this great disciple to us. I will certainly take good care of this disciple and made her lead our Bright Cloud Sect to new heights…”

He immediately held Su Wan, his new treasure, and was about to fly back to the sect, but he suddenly stopped. “That won’t do. If I carry her back to the sect like this, our sect is still one of the top ten in the cultivation world. We cannot even skip the most simple selection test, but this child’s innate physique is so rare, not to mention that we have yet to test her psychic constitution and willpower. We need to avoid scaring the new disciples with great potential because of her. Let’s change the test to climbing up the mountain. Umm! Hmmm! Let’s do it like this!”

He carried Su Wan and put her inside a nearby cave used by outer disciples to mediate. He looked at the cold and hard stone bed then took out a tiger skin and covered the bed with it. Finally, he carefully placed Su Wan on it.

“My dear disciple, rest well. Master will wait for you at the summit.” Daoist Emerald Splendor threw away his crushed lingzhi mushroom, and happily rode his flying sword into the mountain valley and loudly shouted at a person in a distant medicinal herbs garden. “Qing Fang! Qing Fang!”

“Senior Brother, didn’t you take the ingredients to refine a foundation pill? Why did you come back again?”

Daoist Emerald Splendor jumped off his flying sword and merrily gesticulated at the other. “Junior Brother Qing Fang, I met with great fortune! Guess what?! Earlier, on my way back from here, a young disciple fell from the sky and crashed into me. I broke two ribs from the fall, but Heaven gives a great task to the worthy. Although I broke my bones, it was all worth it because my disciple’s innate physique is so good that you can’t believe it.”

“Senior Brother, did you hurt your head from the fall? Go into the house, I’ll examine and treat you.” Daoist Qing Fang touched Daoist Emerald Splendor’s head.

Spit! You’re the one who’s ill! My disciple has innate immortal bones! Hehehe! Innate immortal bones!” Daoist Emerald Splendor beamed a bright smile. “No good! I can’t waste my time here. I need to prepare many foundation pills. I’ll go and quickly refine a lot so I can give it to my little disciple later…”

Daoist Qing Fang shook his head while watching his energetic senior brother. Seeing that he was uprooting too many ingredients, Qing Fang reminded him. “Senior Brother, you haven’t refined the pill yet. Take less. Leave some to others. Don’t be wasteful. Besides Jade Void Sect’s foundation pills are the best, so why bother refining them yourself?”

“You don’t understand. Those old crafty ghosts and those young devils from Jade Void Sect all sold their subpar pills, leaving the best for their own uses. We once have a powerful alchemy dao, but we have no recipe to train on! Forget it! The medicinal ingredients in our garden are enough to refine more than 100 times and we have more than 31 grams of seeds. I don’t believe that I can’t refine a single superior grade pill with more than a hundred furnaces.”

Emerald Splendor waved his sleeve and collect all the medicinal ingredients, and left the mountain full of joy and expectation. Qing Fang shook his head while staring at the empty spot left by uprooting medicinal herbs.

Emerald Splendor returned to his peak. He couldn’t help himself from flaunting in front of his dao companion, his son and his disciple’s disciple. He let his disciple’s disciple finish his daily guard at the foot of the peak and waking up his great-uncle-master before making him lead Su Wan up the peak to be formally received as a disciple.  Since he didn’t want to scare away his obedient disciple’s disciple, he adopted a respectful and polite attitude.

“Hey! Little Yuexi, I’ll trouble you to borrow your great-uncle-master’s celestial invisible cloak and fasting pills to keep my good disciple from getting hungry. Tsk! It’s too bad that Xuan’er is so cold that he scared people away. Otherwise, with his appearance, he can turn my good disciple into his good wife! Xi’er, go teach Xuan’er how to be more gentle and warm, so people will love him at first sight, bewildering young ladies, making them so infatuated they couldn’t stop falling for him.”

“Weren’t you avoiding your son?”

“Nay! My wife calmed down. I’m going to concoct some pills!”

Three days later.

Urgh…” Su Wan rolled on the bed while covering her stomach and the bedsheet slid down. “Yawn!” Her nose itched.

She rubbed it and sat up before opening her eyes, her vision still blurry. She was sitting on top of something that was black and orange and appeared quite familiar. She crooked her head, trying to recall where she saw that. She stroked it, feeling the strong and supple texture. The fur was somewhat rough to the touch.

“Is that a tiger pelt? What is grandpa doing? Doesn’t he usually treat this as his treasure? He can even go berserk if I touch it a bit. He was actually willing to use it as a mat for me?” She muttered, but suddenly her mind sobered and she swept a look at her surroundings.

The tiger pelt was indeed real, but it was the one her grandfather treasured, which was more than 10 years old. Even if it was well preserved, the fur couldn’t be this soft and smooth, and it was even more impossible to be so glossy. It unlikely that someone would move such a piece of collection into this mysterious cave.

The cave had a very simple design: the stone bed she was sitting on, and several mats, weaved with straws, piled up in a corner. There was no electric light on the ceiling, not even an oil lamp. There was also no door, just a wide entrance from where the light shined into. From where she was, she could see a landscape of mountains range under a sky filled with red clouds.

‘Did I get kidnap?’

Su Wan wrapped her head with her hands and tried to remember. She recalled logging into her game account at home. Don’t even mention kidnapping, even breaking into the Su family’s house was a challenge with all the bodyguards protecting her. She felt her head heavy. ‘Wrong!’ It wasn’t physically heavy, her memory seemed to be overloaded with too many new information. It was hard for her to think, but she tried and after much effort, her thinking became sharper.

Heaven Defying World, Seeking Immortal City, the explosion, the pain in her abdomen…

It all came back to her. Suddenly, she had the feeling of being spied on, she raised her head and looked at the entrance.


A boy of around seven or eight years old with an expressionless face appeared at the entrance, his stature outlined by the light as a backdrop. He held something in his hand. Under the sunlight, he seemed like an immortal child with a tender appearance that was quite shocking.

“Did you wake up? This is a fasting pill and clothes. The grandmaster has summoned you.”

Su Wan forced herself to look away from the little boy face, focusing on his hands instead. His hands are also very soft-looking just like his face. She wrinkled her nose. He wanted her to eat that bitter thing?

She looking suspiciously, but suddenly a description flashed inside her brain.

[ Fasting pill:

Poria, Chinese yam, Largehead Atractylodes Rhizome, a few milk vetch roots.

  1. Grind everything into a powder.
  2. Add honey and mix everything into a ball.

Use for resisting hunger.]

Her heart skipped a beat. ‘Why does it feel like I use an appraisal skill? Didn’t I log out of the game?’ Although she was filled with doubts and confusion, she still beamed a smile while receiving the items. In passing, she took the opportunity to knead the little boy’s hand. As she expected, his hand was very soft and smooth.

“Thank you!”

Although the boy still had a wooden face, his ears had very quickly turned red. He fiercely glared at her. “Man and woman cannot be close. Y-you… Hurry up! I’ll wait for you outside.” He turned around and ran out while used all his strength to wipe his hand.

Su Wan burst into a laugh. The more she laughed the harder it was to stop. She then remembered free-falling and crashed into an old pervert with a long beard and the bearing of a majestic and respectful immortal. It was nothing more but a pretense to deceive people’s eyes! She touched her body and didn’t discover any injury or pain. She didn’t feel he did unspeakable things to her while she was unconscious. However, when she saw the clothes she was wearing, she looked as if she saw a ghost.

It couldn’t even be called a swimsuit from the lack of fabric, it was simply a chest binder. As for her lower garment, she was wearing shorts that barely covered her butt. She was bared foot with a silver bangle on each of her ankles.

“Isn’t that newbie gears?!”

The clothes were identical to the beginner equipment worn by the female demon in the game Heaven Defying World.

Su Wan couldn’t forget how Chen Tianming laughed at her when she started playing the game. She disliked how she looked like a girl who works in a bar, so she immediately spent real money to buy a fashionable skirt in the item shop to cover herself. Chen Tianming actually grumbled he wished that she could dressed like that in real life for him.

“What an odd dream! So, I exploded, then I dreamt about the game. As they said, you dream what you think about all day…” She stretched her hand and touched the tiger pelt to appraise it.

The same thing happened once again. Rows of words appeared in her mind.

[High-Quality Ferocious Beast Fur: Keep warm. Can be sewed into a big flag,]

She was right. This was the appraisal skill in the game! She lifted her leg and kicked the stone bed in fury. A burst of pain could be felt from her toes. “It hurts! GM! Administrator! Pig System! It actually doesn’t respond?! Even the menu doesn’t open! I couldn’t have transmigrated into the game, right? I don’t want to be a mass of data that can be deleted at any time!”

Su Wan cried miserably. She shut her eyes and recalled as many information as possible, but there was no status screen or title or any whatsoever, except for cultivation techniques and skills. Unfortunately, she couldn’t use them because, first, there was no true essence in her body, and, second, she has no immortal force which is a need for life skills, like alchemy, blacksmith, talisman creation, foraging, appraisal, etc. It appeared that the knowledge has been deeply engraved in her. She felt that even if she has to use those skills, she could do so without much difficulty because she understood the technicalities of those skills.

“Being kidnapped is much better than transmigrating into a game!” Su Wan muttered in fear. “Besides, I have to train and buy equipment again, and I also need to capture a new pet. Wrong! Although I can’t use skills, it doesn’t mean that I cannot trade it for money. Without gold coins and no one to power level, who can blame me for doing it? What bad luck! The player system can’t open. Then, it means that I am an NPC! Not good! Where can I report this? I have to let the game company knows about it. This is too tragic if this was a bug!”

Su Wan calmed herself, then took the clothes left on the bed and dressed with it. What the boy gave her was ancient style clothes with wide sleeves. Although the size was a bit big, she used the belt to readjust it. After she was done, she ran to the entrance, rushing toward the impatient little boy. “Little Brother, where are we?”

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