FTS – Prologue

Written By Autumn Night Listens to the Rain

Translated by Grenn
No editor (Be lenient with the TL awful grammar)

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Prologue – Two-timing? Kill with No Mercy!

When shall I reach the top and hold…

All mountains in a single glance?

The sky was blue and sunny with a light breeze blowing through the lazy clouds. It was a very beautiful weather. Standing on top of the Sword Pagoda, a person was wearing a limited-time only costume set while holding the Primal Chaos Spirit Staff, appearing like a god, standing on the jade stairs, coldly treating with contempt the common mortals beneath.

[System Announcement: To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death the end of time. Congratulations to Mad Battle Under the Heaven and Leisure Pure Spirit for getting married!]

Inside Seeking Immortal City, on the public square, 999 roses were gathered into a picture. Some of the bride’s escorts were beating the drums and the gongs, playing the suona, while others were doing the lion dance. The groom on a white horse, wearing a red flower, guarded besides the wedding sedan. The guests attending the wedding jam-packed the streets to the point not even one drop could trickle through and the sky was also densely packed with numerous experts on their flying sword. Familiar or not with the married couple, everyone filled the world channel with their blessings.


Under the long dragon roar, the sky suddenly dimmed. Everyone raised their heads to watch. Who knew when a huge monster was flying above Seeking Immortal City, covering the sky and the earth in its shadow as it circled above the city.

“It’s the Azure Dragon! It wanted to besiege the city?!”

“Look! On top of the Sword Pagoda!”

On top of the Sword Pagoda, the tallest building in Seeking Immortal City, stood a woman with fluttering white clothes and surrounded by a fainted purple glow. The glow cast on her body made her seemed like an eminent immortal.

“It’s the #1 ranked on the Leaderboard, Night Blooming Cactus Shows Once!” As a random person shouted out, the whole atmosphere became even more lively.

The bride flew out of the wedding sedan. Her fiery red bridal clothes made a flapping sound under the wind breeze. “Su Wan! Tianming and I would be engaged the day after tomorrow! Stop your wishful thinking!”

‘WOAH! Bride kidnapping! Love triangle!’

Ptui! I was blind before! Right now, that kind of man would only make me lose money, even if you gave him to me I wouldn’t even want him!” Night Blooming Cactus Shows Once yelled while she quickly leaped on top of the Azure Dragon’s head. She held high her spirit staff. “But… Annoying things must be obliterated without exception! PHOENIX CRY TO THE NINE HEAVENS!”

On top of the spirit staff, a fist-sized soul crystal exploded into a violent light. A red shadow shot into the sky, looking like a ball of flame and dyeing the sky into bright red. As it reached the sky, the fireball exploded and a pair of gigantic Vermillion Bird wings unfolded, followed by a long cry. The dragon roared in reply, shaking Heaven and Earth. Chaos suddenly broke into the crowd underneath and like a bunch of houseflies, they fled out of the city.

Night Blooming Cactus Shows Once waved the spirit staff without any hint of hesitation and pointed it below. “Heavenly Flame Extinguished the World! Nine Firmament Thunder Fall!”

The Vermillion Bird flapped its wings. With one flap, countless fireballs were launch. Meanwhile, the sound of thunder congregated into dark black clouds. The protection barrier of Seeking Immortal City activated. However, it was unable to obstruct the divine beast’s, Vermillion Bird, onslaught of attacks that could combust all livings and rendering the world barren.

The Azure Dragon opened its mouth and let out a long and deep breath. Meanwhile, black clouds swept the sky with resounding thunder sound coming from it. Then, suddenly, a purple ray of thunder strike down. The Sword Pagoda collapsed and numerous houses and buildings followed suit. The attacks destroyed heaven and extinguished the earth. The survivors were hard pressed and could only helplessly lie there while drinking potions like water to replenish their constantly decreasing HP.

Even after she was done massacring everyone inside the besieged city, Night Blooming Cactus Shows Once didn’t feel an ounce of guilt. She popped into her mouth several medicine pills. She waved her spirit staff, recalling the shrunk more than a half Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird to recuperate inside the soul crystal. Then, she gracefully floated down and used her spirit staff to flip the dead bodies.

A growing number of angry curses drown the chat channel like a violent surging tide. Night Blooming Cactus Shows Once seemed as if she didn’t see any of it. She discovered some dead bodies and started to flog them with her spirit staff.

“Chen Tianming, you fucker! You’re terrible! You dare to step on two boats at the same time! I’m stepping on you! Step all over you! Step until you explode! Where am I unworthy of you? It’s all because of your sweet talking! Making this Miss accompanied you to play this stupid game! All the in-game gold was fork out of my pocket! All the equipment sets are complete and collected by yours truly! I’ll let you married! Tie the knot in a ghost marriage…”

When Night Blooming Cactus Shows Once scolded and beat the corpse to her filled, she took out a divine sword in front of the mass of dead player’s bodies. It was the Heaven Defying World #1 ranked godly sword, Upturning the Heaven Sword. She stabbed the sword into the ground. Then, she took out a spirit stone and with a hammer, she hit the stone to embed it into the sword. She never stopped once despite all the pitiful cry of “Don’t do it!” and “Show mercy!” flooding the chat channel. After she thoroughly failed to embed the stone, she took the destroyed sword and melted it into molten iron. Finally, she poured the molten iron onto the groom’s body.

Night Blooming Cactus Shows Once flew to a high place. She unrestrainedly let out a sorrowful roar and yelled into the world channel, “I am Night Blooming Cactus Shows Once. People in Seeking Immortal City, I am sorry! If you have any complaints or have any grudges about it, you are welcome to go find Mad Battle Under the Heaven. You were pulled into this disaster because of him. See you later, No! I bid you farewell.”

Then, she opened her control panel and pushed on the self-destruction button. A red window popped up, asking her to confirm once again.


A Heaven Defying World level 300 True Immortal exploded, the energy attack of the explosion turned the Seeking Immortal City into ruins.

[System malfunction… We invited the player to log out immediately!] A fire alarm went off.

Su Wan’s lips curled. She was about to take off her virtual reality glasses when suddenly her vision blackened. The game picture frame emitted an ear-piercing sound. She didn’t even have the time to check what’s was the problem as she discovered her whole body was paralyzed. From her lower abdomen, where her dantian was, an acute pain gripped her as if something buried within her exploded in flames. The pain was such that she fainted.

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